Leaving Abuja and Moving to Lagos

As ironic as this sounds, yes, I moved from Abuja to Lagos when people are actually doing the opposite. Don’t fight me just yet, because there are two things involved: slow growth or fast growth and I chose the latter. From my last post, you’d know I had to embrace this change which tarried and kept me so much in the dark. However, I can’t beat my chest and tell you in all honesty that it was easy for me in the last hours before my take-off. So, calm down, get some popcorn, soda and a pack of wipes because you’ll be smiling and crying at the same time.

After getting the news regarding my transfer, I was excited-for starters, but you needed to see me the next day. I was so moody, sad, down, teary, lost in thoughts and well, so blank. I thought about all the plans I had made for Abuja, the fact that I had family there and friends, Seun most especially- who’d become a major character in my life, my colleagues at work, and just everything. I cried and just kept crying.

On Friday night, I was out with Seun who made my last night in Abuja a great experience. It was our friendship anniversary and my send-off so, I had mixed feelings, but he did a really great job being so strong about the entire thing that I had so much fun and forgot about how much I would miss him. We went to Village Chief where I drank this sweet palm-wine and ate village rice with shredded turkey wings. It was so cool, but the coolest of it all was him taking me to City Bowl for the first time ever. Now, this was an experience I had always wished for, but ticking off bowling from the bucket list on my last night was just awesome. I had so much fun, got back to view point…let’s just say, I slept like a baby, all cuddled up and woke up with constipation because I had had too much to eat and drink that Friday night. I can’t even end this paragraph without giving a shout out to my friend who gave me a travel bag, credited my account, and just did everything to relieve me of every stress and anxiety and worries I had. That gist will come later, but for now, we move.

On Saturday afternoon, my sister accompanied me to the Airport and well, I started crying only when her “I’ll Miss You” message came in. I’d been fighting it so much that I just wanted to be strong, but I cried so bad when people called in to say she was posting my pictures on her status. Yeah, we’ve been through a lot together, fighting more on the last days, but my dear, staying home alone can kill and worst of all, not having someone you can share your joys and pains with after a long day can lead you into depression, trust me. Well, life happens and growth takes place, but don’t forget that change is constant- not like the Buhari Administration o, because I don’t even want to get into it, but have you heard about the Twitter ban in Nigeria? Las las, na to just japa from this country. Maybe you heard about UAR…mtchew…

Dana Airlines gave me a hot cup of water without sugar or snacks. My flight got delayed and I arrived Lagos very late – 10pmish. Bolt riders cancelled the rides because of the distance and curfew too, the Airport taxi got me bleeding with the price hike and sincerely, I wasn’t ready for this Lagos trip, but Oluwa is involved. Meanwhile, the yeye driver that carried me took me round Lagos mainland at night without being able to locate the place he’d already claimed to know and even described for me at the airport. Google map wasn’t helping because the estate gates were locked and God intervened and sent a helper my way- I sha got to my friend’s place and we slept peacefully. So, that’s it. I woke up in Abuja on Saturday and slept in Lagos- my new home in Jesus’ name…Amen! In the next post, i’ll tell you about my Day 1 experience and jumping danfo buses.

Thank you Abuja for having me…you did me well and showed me shege too, but I had an amazing time and met amazingly nice people who’ve turned from strangers to friends and family. 2years in the city, I’m happy I ate enough suya, masa, went places, had fun, and y’all know the rest. Lagos, I’m prepared for you… I didn’t come here to count flyovers so, watch out for me in 2years.

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