Wrap-Up May


I am over the moon right now as I’m writing this post, but low key, I have tears in my eyes at the same time, but let’s talk about me being happy. Okay, how was May for you? Calm down…the juice is coming soon – please eat the rice first. So, May was a bundle of a lot for me. Truth: I had all my emotions at both extremes. I was sad, happy, anxious, worried, peaceful all at different intervals. In fact, I’ll say I was more happy in May than I have been in the last months. I mean, April was way better and May got even better. So, I’m certain that June has a lot more packages for me which is already dropping from the first day.

It’s my birthday month and I made a birthday wish list of which some of the requests are already falling into place for me- check back to see what has been accomplished. Okay, now for the chicken eating part. In May, I took my skin care more seriously than I’ve ever done because the breakouts had to go, my skin colour had to be balanced and yes, there’s a massive change on both ends. I’ve been eating and sleeping really well on days that I can and it’s been a great experience trying to get back to basics.

Now, May was a bundle of celebrations. The bestest people in my life were born in May- from family to friends and the highlight of it was me realizing that two of the very best from the bestest people in my life are birthday mates. So, now, their birthdate has become an even more remarkable day in my life. Well, cheers to more celebrations in the coming days and months.

Working on so many different projects was the highlight of May for me. I had to write articles, scripts, make designs and even took up an architectural/interior design project- where I’m starting from ground floor to work on a building project and hope to complete the furnishings soon. I’ve been creating designs for my Instagram account which I miss posting on and just been trying to develop my designs and all. For my blog, I was so happy when I saw an increase in my followers and also made my 200th post on the blog. It’s really been a long time coming. Plus, I’ve had series of interviews back to back in May- besides the fact that I still have work to do in the office, but I’ve had divine strength from God.

Honestly, creating a work-life balance is a necessity and in May, that was possible- thanks to friendship. I have been spoilt with food, drinks, movies, sleep and a lot of pampering and care. I can’t even begin to say how grateful I am for the kind of people God sends into my life as friends. So, yes, I had a staycation in May. Here comes the juice…

Work has been good so far, just the usual up and down walk and you know how it goes. However, something happened today. I woke up this morning, the first day of June and got my employment letter, a promotion and a transfer letter. A combo all in one. Okay, if you’ve been following my blog, you’ll know I have been so expectant and anxious and hopeful, sad, disappointed and prayerful about my job. It’s been 10months of waiting patiently and I’d say it was long suffering, but finally, I got promoted from an intern to a staff and well, I have to relocate from Abuja which has been my home for 2years now to Lagos, the land of opportunities. The change is I dunno, long overdue or sudden, but it’s finally here.

Yes, it’s bitter sweet and I’m so grateful to God for favour, grace, mercy, blessings and this birthday gift which I prayed for. Also, I’ll finally be going to Lagos which I always dreaded due to the traffic and all, but God knows best and I’m ready to go wherever He leads me. I am so concerned about leaving my sister who has been my housemate for almost 2years now. Plus, I will miss my colleagues and friends who have become family, but what breaks my heart is leaving Seun. I don’t want to talk about it because like he said, it’s for good and we have to make the most of my last days in the city.

Wheew!!! That’s a whole bundle of goodness already on the first day of June. I am so positive about June and I hope only for the bestest of more things to come. So, please, by all means, go ahead and celebrate with me while I say goodbye to May and welcome June with open arms and a smile on my face. Need a refill of that juice? Wait for the next wrap-up post. Happy new month fam!

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