My Dream Job

Whenever I’m being asked what my dream job is, I just pause for a while and depending on who’s asking, I can figure out what to say – especially if it’s for an interview. Sometimes, I tell a lie which I hate so much and other times, I simply damn the consequences and express my thoughts without remorse. I’d rather not call it a job, but label it as my dream career because truth is, it’s been ongoing for a long while and undergoing changes and progress with time.

If you know me and know me well, you’d quickly say that I’m one baby girl with a creative mind who loves working with other creatives or being in a creative space. Jeez… I was born to create! I have the blood of my Heavenly Father flowing in my veins and well, yes, to some He called and others He predestined and I happen to find myself in these categories. So, what is my dream job?

Okay, I’ve been beating about the bush, thinking of what to say so I can probably organize it, but pardon my disorganized writing for today. Truth: I can’t say exactly what my dream career is. Okay, don’t go just yet…be patient with me. I’m still trying to get my footing in this world without a manual and create a space for someone like me to fit in. Aha! That’s it right there… I am a creative. *See me playing drums like Davido in my head…lol. Okay, where were we? Career something something…

Actually, I want to work in Forbes Africa. Yes, I want to be a part of their creatives who handle content, documentaries, magazines, film diaries, story boards, etc. So, I constantly try to work on creative projects that will lead me to achieving the greater goal which is Forbes Africa and the Ultimate which will be my personal Creative Agency. I want to be a Portfolio Manager 5years down the line because I know that by then, I would have been a project and program manager for individuals and corporate establishments. I know that i’ll definitely work with Multichoice eventually or a media house on some projects in the nearest future and daily, I try to equip myself, push beyond my limits and thrive to be among the best.

Few days ago, a friend asked about my book and when I want to publish it. I told her I was still stringing things up and trusting the process. I have my writings in different formats – blog posts, poetry, articles, entries, book chapter pieces and different pieces of stuff I think and create. Streamlining all of it to one piece will take a lot of compilation and collaboration which is one thing I look forward to doing soon.

So, for now, I simply enjoy writing screenplays for ads, short films and series. I learn on the job as I write editorials, newsletters and make posts of things that matter to me. Yes, I don’t fail to write the vision cause though it tarries, there’s always a realization of it – just like this blog, the podcast and Instagram accounts which are all going through a developmental stage. I trust the process and I’m certain my dream career is already a part of my life and not something I’ll land someday because working in Multichoice or Forbes Africa will only be a major goal achieved. So, what is your dream career or job?

Please note that this creative aspect is simply one out of two dreams. And yes, as far as my eyes can see, I’m dreaming and working towards the fulfillment of my dreams each step of the way.

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