The Secret In Journaling

Journaling has always been therapeutic for me, but lately, I’ve had to do more journaling for other reasons like creative thinking and brain improvement among others. I have been journaling for as long as I can remember and I don’t have particular notebooks or patterns of making journal entries. I can write in my diary, an available book, sheet of paper and even on the blog. Sometimes, it happens when i’m happy, sad, worried, stuffed or isolated and no, there’s no particular time or place to practice my journaling habit.

In my journal entries, I talk about tidbits concerning my lifestyle, I express my thoughts and feelings on subject matters or things of utmost concern, I share my experiences, opinions, and just what goes on in my head. I Blog about these things, but I still have a personal journal which I pour out the content from the 16 different tabs that open in my head at the same time. This helps me organize and streamline content related to my creativity, work, etc. It helps me open up about things I bottled up as secrets and wounds, in order to be free and heal. Here, I can disclose emotions of pain, anger, excitement, fear, and just anything rather than stuff them up to the detriment of my health. Amazing part is, I don’t have to keep a paper journal, make an entry everyday or write hundreds of words.

There are health benefits in journaling which some people don’t know about. It’s not just about writing things down or restricted to having a confidential diary. There’s more to journaling which I want to quickly share with you.

  • Journaling is a healthy activity which helps in boosting the immune system and relieves stress.
  • It reduces depression and anxiety.
  • It evokes mindfulness and the ability to stay focused and present.
  • It improves emotional intelligence and the memory.
  • It aids in creative and critical thinking through expressive writing.
  • It is a self-improvement tool which helps in engaging the senses, helps you keep track of goals and your ability to achieve them.
  • It gives you freedom of expression, etc.

The truth is, journaling is easy and just anyone can make it a habit. Personally, it’s not just therapeutic for me, but it helps me make confessions without having complications. So, do you have a journal? What do you think about journaling? What benefits have you derived from journaling?

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