This Thing Called Love And Everything In-Between: I’m In Love or Maybe Not…

This entire love thing is totally inevitable. Today, one person sweeps you off your feet, tomorrow, another one gives you butterflies and then, there’s the other one who makes you feel like you’re home- giving you peace, joy and is your safety net. One can slowly crawl into your life without you even realizing you’ve gradually grown in love with the person through every act of kindness, sincere remarks and each step of comfort and vulnerability. Meanwhile, some others can make it happen like a moving train or flight- so fast that you can’t even tell when and how you fell in love with this person. While love can happen at first sight for some, in an instance for others, there are people who let love grow like a flower- through times and seasons.

Personally, I have had so many loves in my life- from the friends who make me feel like they can’t breathe without me when in actuality they’re breathing just fine, to those strangers or enemies who eventually have a sync with me that we just can’t do without having each other in our lives- even if we’re off and on like that. I can spot out a few people from family to friends who have loved me genuinely and still do regardless of how annoying I get or how turned upside down my life gets and who have been there to comfort me in times of need, wipe my tears and also share moments of laughter together with me. So, what’s the fuss about being in love and simply loving someone?

It’s okay for me to say that some people are in that like zone, others are people you love with a certain degree that fluctuates, but there is that one person who you’re just in love with and whether or not it’s reciprocated, mutual, expressed, one-sided or even broken a hundred times and patched up, it doesn’t change the fact that this one love is a constant in your life- maybe for a season or all seasons, for a while or forever, but this person simply completes the essence of your existence and makes life worth living as long as this person remains in your life. Just imagine how much importance you can tie to someone that without him or her, you can’t fully function. Yes, someone can give you so much joy and peace and this and that which no level of love from others around you matches the momentum of this one love. (I’m writing this by 2am because well, I woke up with this person on my mind- that’s how deep it gets and do I care if it’s mutual or not? Nope! Why? Because I’m simply contented in having this person in my head and heart without fear, anxiety, pain and having the nuts in my head loosen up. All I feel is peace, joy and fulfillment in simply knowing I have this person on my mind, close to my heart and in my head. Yes, it really gets that way sometimes.)

So, am I in love with this person or it’s just one of those loves? I’ll say I’m in love…or maybe not. I do know it’s not infatuation, not lust, not just love, but it’s the other love. The one that comes with a special kind of feeling. The one that makes your joy know no boundaries, gives you the kind of peace and safety feeling that comes from being at home, the one you wouldn’t mind doing just anything for just to see that person smile, stay calm and even shed a tear. Damn!!! Being in love is magical and is somewhat distracting because somehow, nothing else matters when this person is there- physically or just in your head. You want the moments to last forever, you don’t want reality setting in, you wish things were different and this and that. This person is your epicenter, your world unconsciously or even consciously revolves around him/her and you want this feeling to last forever, but truth is, if you don’t nurture it, it fades and dies completely. How? Be expressive with how you feel. Simply be yourself and yes, go the extra mile sometimes because with being in love, you can drive with an empty tank and still have faith to get to your destination in time. In love, nothing else matters- at least sometimes because you can get so distracted that your priorities change, your walls get broken and your insecurities don’t matter no more. Yes, I know this feeling because I’m in love and certain that it’s not just like or other loves, but it definitely is the one that makes my heart flutter with or without the waves to trigger it. So, yes, I’m in love…

Have you ever been in love? How did you know it wasn’t like or other loves?

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