25th Birthday Wishlist

To think that this fluffy baby will be turning 25 in a month is just so overwhelming. Not that it’s too much to handle- I mean, others have been through this phase too and well, they somehow meandered their way through it. So, for the second time ever, I have a wish-list for my birthday. Well, the first time I had a birthday wish was when I gained admission into the University and I asked God for just one thing which he did on the last hour. However, this isn’t a list with only one item. Rather, it’s a list of 25 things I wish for a birthday gift and will also pass off as some of the things I need to tick off within that one year. So, please don’t feel obligated or compelled to do any of these things, but if you want to, by all means necessary, you have my support to spoil and support me on or before June 20th. So, here goes my 25th birthday wishlist:

  • A Promotion/New job
  • Prayers/Words of affirmation
  • Brand collaboration
  • Booooookkkkssss!!!!
  • Flowers
  • Perfume
  • Gadget
  • A dress
  • A shoe/sandal/sneakers
  • A handbag/schoolbag
  • Jewellery
  • Wine
  • Cake
  • Ankara/Kente Prints
  • Faux locs/wig
  • Free photo session or makeup
  • Spa treat
  • Weekend getaway/staycation
  • A birthday card
  • Fooooooooooddddd!!!!
  • Skincare products
  • Birthday sex
  • Money! Cash! Credit Alert! More Money!
  • A branded/customized item
  • (Open ticket- anything else you think will make me happy)

Give me credit for keeping it simple and within your budget. I know you can do one, two or more and that’ll make me really really happy. So, start making my wish list come true… For more enquiries, feel free to contact me on cocoaseriesng@gmail.com


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