This Thing Called Love And Everything In-Between: #Selflove

This whole self-love thing didn’t matter to me until we landed in a pandemic and almost everyone on Instagram, TikTok and other social media streets started putting up pictures, videos and different contents on how they’re embracing self-love, their routines, why it’s important to love yourself and blah blah blah. Well, I had a hard time loving myself while growing up so, I kinda related to the need for the self-love trend, but I started having this FOMO for a while and decided to consciously love myself and unapologetically embrace my PDA.

(Don’t worry, I gatchyu! – FOMO means Fear Of Missing Out and PDA means Public Display of Affection. C’est claire? Bon! We move!)

So, I kept having this back and forth discussions, but honestly, debates with my friends on the whole self-love thing and we agreed that we weren’t actually loving ourselves as much as we were supposed to. We analyzed instances, made references and decided to consciously love ourselves. Now, here’s how I promised to love myself:

  • #BeYou & #DoYou – It can get really challenging being the real version of yourself in a fake/makeup/fabricated/artificial/make-believe dominated world. With all the in the scenes act seen on social media streets, reality TV, talk shows, magazines and even physically, keeping it real can be challenging. So, I promised to be myself, let my hair down, go without makeup, attachments, nails, jewelries and all the heavy props we put on to try and impress, express and depress. This doesn’t mean I can’t get my hair done, book a manicure and pedicure session or wear some make-up, but I just wanted to be more me and more me is a me that is confident in my own skin, clothes, looks, etc. Doing me also included standing up for what I admired and voicing out what I disliked. It meant following people who shared similar values like I did or who modeled a lifestyle I admired and the list is endless.
  • #Positivity & Words of Affirmation – Now, I wasn’t someone who took the whole affirmation and positive mindset thing to another level, but I saw the need for it and decided to re-affirm myself, my strengths, skills, abilities, competencies and to speak positive things about me and embrace positive vibes. So far, it’s been paying off and not only have I been affirming myself, but others have been affirming me too because they got to see how much I spoke good things about me, did a little gratitude message to myself, put my pictures on display, appreciated my skin and hair, celebrated my wins, turned my wounds into wisdom and shared personal experiences of challenging times and how I was able to navigate or cope with the situation. So, yes, my words of encouragement to myself goes a long way to fuel what others think about me.
  • #Disconnect and #DIY – Okay, this has been the very challenging part, but so far, I’ve been doing a great job disconnecting from people to spend time alone with myself, go solo to places i’d naturally go with others, do things for myself i’d naturally want others to do for me and just live life, happily ever after watching movies, going shopping, giving myself treats, doing more skin care routines, working out alone and so on and so forth.

You see, it’s easy to love yourself, have butterflies when you do things for yourself and enjoy your own company. For starters, it might not be easy, but re-affirm yourself with my best words to guide you through the journey: BABY STEPS.

Follow my blog to get notifications on the next series on This Thing Called Love and Everything In-Between. For now, please share your thoughts on self-love in the comments.

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