Life Lately: Getting Back To Basics

This whole adulting thing has somehow robbed me of living my life and one thing I’m trying to fit into this phase is being able to disconnect and get back to basics. With work, family, relations from all categories, bills, plans, busy schedules, this and that, it’s been quite difficult getting time off to live a little, breathe, do things that genuinely make me happy, spend time out and just unapologetically do me.

These past weeks and days, I decided to bank on every opportunity I got to live, be present and get back to basics. How? I carry my natural hair, let it breathe and grow without pressure and discomfort. I constantly do some pedicure and manicure on my nails without adding nail polish or stick on so it can breathe and grow without pressure. I eat as many times as I can and what I crave because 90% of the time, I barely even eat or stay hydrated. I’ve binged on Netflix and The Queen’s Gambit, Enola Holmes, Cursed, Ragnarok, Deadly Class and Bob Hearts Abishola have been my time consumers. I’ve been out and about exploring a part of the city and I found a spot: Viewpoint. Trust me, the view from that point at night is really on point. I sleep, sleep and sleep because sleep is good and what needs to be done will always be done when I’m awake or not. Disconnecting from the world to connect with friends and family, talk about things, laugh, eat, play, take walks and just do fun things makes living even more nourishing.

I have been very stingy and selfish lately because I’ve been taking out time to care for my mind by reading, seeing movies, listening to music, dancing, eating, hanging out and staying close to people who give me something to be happy and grateful for. I’ve been caring for my skin and my soul. It’s important to disconnect and get back to basics when you think you’re draining, burning out or just not feeling this thing called life anymore. I’m grateful for opportunities to disconnect and do hope I can be doing this every now and then when I can. What do you do to disconnect? When last did you disconnect?

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2 thoughts on “Life Lately: Getting Back To Basics

  1. I like to read and go for walks as a way of disconnecting. I can relate to what you have said here though that sometimes it feels you are balancing a lot at once, which can make it hard to make time for yourself. Thanks for sharing!

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    1. Yes Niraj…
      It can really get difficult trying to disconnect especially when there’s too much to do at once. Reading and taking walks helps out a lot.
      Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts too.


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