So, because it’s a trend and I’m all about lifestyles that inspire people, I decided to make a throwback post by sharing my personal lifestyle stories. This will also serve as a little chit-chat in no particular order to help you know more about me. Stay calm, relax and keep reading.


Growing up, I loved moments when we had devotion as a family. We would all contribute during the worship and praise sessions, bring up topics to study and meditate on together, pray and put God first in all our endeavors. This memory still lingers a lot and I cherish it because now, I look back, understand, and crave communion. There were times when we made chin chin, pancakes, and other types of snacks together as a family with all hands on deck. We would gist, laugh and it was really fun times. I especially miss the days when we all used to eat together in a large tray or in unison with everyone round the dining table or sitting room, seeing movies and just relaxing. I miss going on evening strolls with my dad- which always ended with him buying suya or roasted chicken and bole for the house or a gift for me. I miss eating roasted plantain or yam with oil which my dad would make once in a while. I miss him narrating his experiences in life and I miss a lot about my dad. I miss waking up by 4am to gist with my mum or sleeping very late with her voice in my ears still gisting. I miss the taste of her meals, the warmth from her skin… I miss my siblings, nieces, nephews, family events, outings and all the hustle and bustle. Family will always be close to my heart.


There was this time I used to hang out a lot, almost on a daily. I would be out with my girls eating chicken and chips, suya, going from eatery to eatery taking pastries, ice cream, food, strolling, clubbing, smoking till we were high AF! We would pray, have sleep overs, go visiting, raid people who didn’t know what to do with their time and money, take pictures and just pepper people. I would go out with my guys to places, have fun, live in the movies, play games, just live the best of our lives and make memories that were just never enough, but would do for a long while. From girl drama to boy issues, to family wahala, to gbese and back to God, but really, I have had the best set of friends at each point in my life and I just pray we’d always reach out every now and then, look back at the times we shared and thank God for how far we’ve come.


My career growth has been a long journey of self-discovery which I am still happy to explore. I had my first cash out as a writer. I wrote an article for a stranger and got paid for it years ago. I was excited and have still been writing ever since, making money when I can, developing myself and constantly seeking opportunities to learn, avail myself and up my game. There was a time I did have ushering jobs, i’d join others in preparing the meals, packaging, ushering, we’d come back to do the dishes as friends or ushering colleagues *lol*, but it was always so much fun especially because there was money and food involved. I’ve had to travel to a few states in my country for work, met a lot of people because of work and I’m just excited at how much my career has exposed me- even if I know I still have a very long way to go. My travel experience to Jos under military parole was fun. Let’s not even talk about the different social work/ outreaches and volunteer jobs i’ve done -renovating schools with team members, collaborating with talented minds to host and anchor events, planning campaigns, creating content and I feel like i’m constantly evolving each time I show up for myself and others. Doing what you love is fun, adventurous and just amazing. To think I used to back up for artistes during weekends for cash, cooked and sold food in places for cash, i’ve even traded my 3 square meals for cash and ended up drinking water the entire day. The hustle is real.


Ever since I took this adulting thing a step higher and decided to carry the world on my shoulders- which I’m finally letting go of and not minding if anything crashes while practicing mindfulness, doing what I can (good or bad) and simply appreciating myself and God for a job well done or half done, I’ve realized how much I miss doing me. Here’s the deal… I miss sipping cold garri with smoked fish and fresh pepper, drinking coconut water or actually taking coconut with a spoon. I miss eating tapioca with fish, coconut or groundnut. I miss going to the farm and getting covered in dirt. I miss making colored hair, doing full make up and dressing up everyday. I miss hitting the gym daily. I miss pausing to breathe, inhale fresh air and change my nail polish every two weeks. I just miss taking tons of pictures, sleeping, waking up and lazing around. How did life get so busy and exhausting? Please if you have any idea where I can sleep or do nothing and get paid, i’m down for it. Plus, if you know where I can live the life of my dreams without losing out on too many things, kindly notify me, but I won’t do no reality tv shows because reading scripts on a daily is too much hard work. What’s your throwback story? I might just end up doing more throwbacks from now, but I’m grateful for the positives and negatives altogether and i’m doing my best to be present for me, before you. Okay, that’s a name of an interesting book I read- Me, Before You. Ciao!

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