Last week, I got my 1st dose of the COVID Vaccine (AstraZeneca). I got mine in the United Nations House in Abuja- my ultimate dream job environment. The ambience and process was so warm and amazing that my anxiety for the shot vanished eventually. I had my BP checked and a few other normal medical procedures completed before I filled the checklist forms, got a green card, did my profiling, got the shot, waited for 15minutes observation, got a schedule for my next shot and that was it.

Prior to the shot, I was skeptical about getting the vaccine because of several reasons. There was positive and negative news concerning the vaccine as some people complained about blood clots, severe migraine, weakness, tiredness, the vaccine being a means to another end- zombie invasion, end time mark, another trick to kill more people than the virus and just a lot of more news.

I work in a non-profit and the HR sent in a mail for all staff to get the vaccine, but it wasn’t compulsory. I decided to get it done because I wanted to have the experience, wanted to be more immune from the virus, I saw an opportunity, didn’t want to take any chances and well, I wanted to risk it. So, I took the vaccine and got an aching arm for a couple of days, a chilly feeling and I’m just glad that after all the news, information overload and warnings, I didn’t encounter any complications, I am okay and looking forward to my next shot in a few weeks. Did you have any side effects? Are you nervous about it? You should give it a try if you haven’t. Your health should be first before fear.

Yesterday in Nigeria, there was an announcement for the reinstatement of the 4th phase of the lockdown which will begin with a curfew from 12am-4am, restriction of mass gatherings with a maximum of 50 people, closure of public service facilities including restaurants, bars, etc. and a compulsory use of face mask. The numbers keep rising each day and I am particularly praying for those in India, Pakistan and other countries affected by the virus now. I hope that we will return to normal soon and in a better way. Please stay safe!

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