My Relationship With God

At the age of 8, I had a need for a personal relationship with the Comforter- that’s how my walk with God began. When mummy was away for work, daddy working hard to make ends meet, siblings rooted in rivalry and teachers focused on their aim to do what teachers do, I needed a comforter. Someone I could cry on, talk to, lean on, someone who could be there for me when everyone else slept, someone who could take away the heaviness of the night, someone who could give me courage to try again the next day, someone who saw through it all and walked with me. Yes, I first knew God as the Comforter.

Years later, as I grew and advanced in age, my knowledge of God and my relationship with Him waxed stronger. He gradually became my friend, father, healer, way maker, provider, protector, everything. I prayed, wrote letters to Him, sang praises, worshipped Him, studied and meditated on His word and God keeps teaching, correcting, blessing, opening doors of favor, granting mercy, shielding, lifting me up and being all I need Him to be for me and everyone else I commit into His hands.

Like every other normal/human relationship, it’s not been a completely smooth sail and sometimes, I get so angry at God for letting bad things happen, causing a delay, not doing what I want, being silent, asking me to do something I don’t want or this or that. Other times, I’m the one in the wrong, but there’s room for forgiveness, grace, reconciliation, communion and bonding again.

In situations when trials, tribulations, storms and wars rise against me, it is not the prayers of my mother, the advice of my friend, nor the kind words or touch of my lover that gives me grace to endure transitions, strength to withstand opposition, words of wisdom to give me direction, the peace that passes all things to keep me calm, hope for tomorrow and all that the human/mortal man can do, but it is God whose assurance of His presence eases my sorrows and lures me to sleep when all else is asleep. He is the one who fixes my past, heals me for the future and makes the crooked places straight for me. He is the one who holds my tomorrow and not my supervisor or boss, friend, lover, sibling, parent, nobody.

Today, I can say that my relationship with God has passed through every season that’s helped me grow more in love, in touch and inclined to Him and nobody, I mean no one or nothing can fill the void in my life that only God can fill. Rather, the closer I am with God, the more whole I am with others because He refines, builds me up, strengthens and blesses me for three of us- me, Him and you.

Do you have a personal relationship with God? Is it something you want to build? It takes a lot of surrendering, laying it all down, panel beating, filling and just a whole lot to get that relationship going. Rome wasn’t built in a day, but it takes less than a day to make a decision to give it a try. So, go ahead, He’s waiting for you. You can say this simple prayer with me:

Dear God,

I need you in my life as my Father, friend,

advisor…(list what you need Him to be for you) and to be my all.

I understand that this walk with you will be full of adventures and lessons.

Please walk with me, behind me and before me.

In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Simple Prayer

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