Lifestyle: On Self-Love

So, yesterday, my lover sent me a message that made me feel over the sun- cause it was a really sunny day and he dropped it like it’s hot- and I thought about doing something I’ve never done. “How about I spoil myself with words a little?” So, here goes a self-love message to myself with excerpts from The Lady, Her Lover and Her Lord.


You are a woman of excellence. You are the table marked “reserved” and no one can toy with that. You are the exhibit marked “look but don’t touch” because you are fragile, valuable and priceless.

Your words are far more glamorous than the clothes from a magazine. You are rich-whether you live in a studio room with your projects or a polished condo adorned with minimalism.

You are pregnant with seeds of greatness and though the pains come due to labor, know that it will surely pass because a delivery is on its way.

You are a gentle woman with strength who creates a home from the tenderness of your skin, the ingredients of love and family orientation, mixed with gentleness and sensitivity, the warmth in your smile, the peace in your embrace, the vitamins in the taste of your meal and the soothing fragrance from your perfume. You are home and one that many will always run to.

You are a garden, a fertile field. Your mind is the incubator of dreams. You are the place where hunger is quenched. You are the focal point of those who love you and the absolute envy of those who don’t.

You are a natural, God’s finest jewel made of clay and dripping with honey. You are a carefully calculated mix of strength and vulnerability, refined and fragile, strong and stable. Your lips are made from rose petals, they speak wisdom and words of truth, with a glistening smile laced with rubies.

You are a giver, one who gives from the abundance of her heart and the wells of nothing. You are a woman whose life’s goal reaches far beyond your own fulfilment and anchors in the warm feeling that erupts from touching others. You are an inspiration- to your generation and all that come in contact with you. Not every woman is a wife, but you are a good thing and will definitely make a good wife.

You are a diamond, a treasure that must be mined to glitter forever. You are a woman with many resources. Your soil is a rich composite of many precious potentials. You have hidden treasure deep within you.

You are a queen. Your presence alone is one many wish for, but only a few can fathom. You are wealth walking barren and plain, but with deposits of elegance and grace. Your riches are beyond counting. It is evident in your eyes like the diamonds that glisten and in your smile like the rubies.

You are as hard as diamond and as soft as velvet. You are the jasper stone of the day and the rich onyx of the night. Your worth cannot be known in a moment, but it shows in a crisis when the magnitude of your own creativity and strength is realized.

You are loaded with wonder and filled with splendor, created in the beauty of the creator to radiate and glow with pride. You are a woman of virtue and you are appreciated.



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