Coping With Anxiety

I really don’t know what’s going on, but I’m freaking out and I need help! What started as a passing phase and gradually became a normal thing is now freaking me out, but i’m trying to cope and hoping I can get a therapist soon.

Years ago I got used to waking up at night to read and somehow, I changed the patterns time and again. At some point, I couldn’t sleep at night anymore. My mind and body would be fully awake and sleep wouldn’t come till morning. Eventually, I devised means to force myself to sleep at night, but it didn’t work all the time. Then all of a sudden, I got so afraid of the dark that I only slept with the lights on. Months later, I would wake up with banging headaches and I had to learn to sleep in the dark and it got better.

Years later, waking up with migraines became normal. I just tried to contain it, but for months now, I have been stressed mentally, emotionally, physically, etc. and I get really antsy, anxious and have developed panic attacks that are freaking the hell out of me. What is anxiety? What triggers anxiety? How can one cope with anxiety?

Anxiety is a feeling of worry, nervousness or unease typically about an imminent event or an uncertain outcome.

Truth: My job is the number one root of my anxiety- besides it being a genetic thing cause my mum is a worry wart.

Now, I have been able to identify my triggers and the symptoms keep adding up and evolving. From simply having headaches, being nervous, chilly, tired and weak, having difficulty focusing-which are symptoms of anxiety, it has grown to me having panic attacks. I have a feeling that i’d sleep one day and not wake up, I lose my breath sometimes, I wake up suddenly with fear and raging headache, get nauseous and really dizzy, feel my chest tighten, feel out of control, detached from people and things, and now more recently- this used to come once in a while before, but these days I dunno, I have postdormital sleep paralysis. Here’s what happens. I wake up in the morning, my mind is awake, but my body is still asleep for a couple of seconds.

I have been doing a lot of research and realized there’s no cure for anxiety, but it can only be managed. The next person might not have similar symptoms as we’re all different, but helping others walk through it is important. So, here’s what works for me sometimes:

  • Breathe: I try as much as I can to calm myself down sometimes by doing breathing exercises anytime, any day, anywhere.
  • Turn off the lights and noise: I always try to disconnect at every chance I get. Sometimes at work, I simply close my eyes for a while, take a walk or stay in the convenience for a while with my eyes closed. At home, I turn off the lights to sleep and too much noise.
  • Get enough sleep, stay hydrated and exercise regularly.
  • Mindful meditation: I meditate when I’m alone and this helps me get peaceful and present.
  • Question your thought pattern: Negative thoughts, fears and situations you can’t control will always come up, but I try to stay positive, face my fears and remind myself I can’t control everything.
  • Aromatherapy: I’m not an incense person because it makes me sneeze and get a flu. I am really allergic to certain smells, but something mild or familiar like perfume or the smell of a delicious snack or food helps calm me down.
  • Go for a walk: This works sometimes because I get distracted by the cars, people or things on the road or I use it as a avenue to say things out and free my head.
  • Write down your thoughts: This is why I have always loved writing. It is therapeutic for me. So, I journal, blog, write poetry, an article or just something that helps me let it out.
  • Talk to someone: If I can’t talk to a colleague, friend or family member, I talk to God. Talking always helps. People may not always be available so, you try another means.
  • I learned changing diets or taking supplements help and that’s something I want to try.

In the long run, I want to get a therapist, but they’re all so expensive and not something I can afford right now. So, in the meantime, I try to cope with it the best way I can. How do you cope with anxiety?

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