My Love Language

Few days ago, I had a conversation with a friend and we spoke about love languages. I really wondered what mine was and it was similar to hers. So, I decided to research on it to be certain I wasn’t making a mistake and no, I wasn’t. My primary love language is quality time, followed by words of affirmation. Okay, this might just be a shocker to some, but a confirmation for others.

Naturally, I’m a very direct and blunt person and sometimes, I could get a gift that I really do like, say thank you and move on. On the contrary, if I was told something nice, i’d think about it all day, week, month or even go back to it as many times as I can and that alone makes me smile, feel warm, special and loved. This doesn’t mean I don’t love gifts, but words of affirmation go a long way for me. If you got a gift and attached those words I just wanna hear, then, you’ve bought me. Words do the magic for me.

A simple compliment, a nice short or long text can mean a lot more to me than a shopping spree voucher. I just want to know how much I mean to other people. It makes me feel a lot better, special, appreciated and loved. It doesn’t have to be an outright love declaration, but I do appreciate and value it when someone is genuine and open about how they feel for me, about me or towards me. Communicate it…simple!

Now, to my primary love language which is quality time. Spending time with someone I love doing things together or nothing together, no distractions, having full, undivided attention, putting their life on hold for me to either listen, support, give a hug or just be there for me makes me feel truly special and loved. Personally, nothing says “I Love You” more than quality time spent together.

I do love it when things are done for me when I feel lazy or something to make me happy, but quality time and words of affirmation are my love languages. Also, I believe doing things for myself which I love and which makes me happy helps me understand what i’d love others to do for me in order to make me happy. I give myself a lot of quality and alone time so, getting that from someone I love makes it even better. It’s good to know how to love yourself so people can love you the way you need to be loved and this will in turn help you love others the way they need to be loved too. So, what is your love language?

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