How Would You Describe Yourself?

This is one question that leaves me speechless all the time. People think it’s easy describing or talking about yourself- especially when they know you’re a writer, but it definitely isn’t an easy feat for me describing myself to strangers. I wish people never asked and would just let you easily unfold or probably asked with close ended questions instead- that would make it a lot easier to navigate.

The first time I was ever asked how I would describe myself at a job interview, I was blank. Next time a stranger-turned friend- requested I talk about myself, I didn’t know what to say or where to start. Why is it so hard? Because I believe that people will either stay or leave depending on how you describe yourself. It’s also possible that some do not like much of a talker and would rather keep it simple and short, but who knows? Personally, I’m claustrophobic so, I’d rather not put myself in a position where I add more people who know me to the list. I just like a simple, easy going life with less people in my life. Let’s face it, that’s the opposite of my wishes, but how would I describe myself?

My name is Gloria, I am a passionate creative who is warm, goal oriented, too responsible, organized, genuine, attentive young lady who simply loves learning, exploring, embracing and living life to the fullest. Okay, I tried. You must give me credit for trying my best to incorporate the better part of me into one sentence. Now, imagine if I put this up on a dating site, they’d take to their heels because guys just wanna have fun and me like this, I just wanna be me.

Now, that may be a bit of a lot, but I haven’t told you how I love my milk really thick and cold, or how much I love dogs and want to own one some day or how much I love flowers and would probably pay for weekly deliveries for myself, or how much I love white sheets and towels or how much I love going on road trips, getting involved in creative projects with amazing team members or taking long walks or singing while doing the dishes and taking a shower or about how indecisive I can get. There’s a lot more that doesn’t even get to be known when people ask me to describe myself. Again, who cares? Now, i’ll like to know about you because I care. So, how would you describe yourself? Try, because…I tried.

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