Wrap-Up April


It’s been a minute since I made a wrap-up post, but here I am, happy to be back to journaling, blogging and sharing my lifestyle story. April for me was another chance to live. It brought fresh beginnings, opportunities to pick up the pieces and try again, moments to build trust, be grateful, mend what was broken especially my relationship with God, get back to the basics and learn to be present again.

I’m grateful for April because this month, I redesigned my blog- a bit better, sent out my first newsletter, embraced poetry again, got followers and traffic, got past my creative block and i’m slowly coming out of ’em panic attacks. I visited my friend Blessing and her twin- Precious who I kept rescheduling visits with for over a year and I consciously made efforts to praise and pamper myself. I did my manicure, pedicure, paid attention to my skin and hair, prayed, drank the communion for strength, connected some more with my mum and boyfriend-even if he doesn’t think he is- cause they were my support system, listened to my favorite songs, took daily walks, slept more, watched movies- Palmer, Juliet Naked, Inconceivable, Gifted and two web series’- Little Black Book and Ricordi. I read Only a Woman by Terri McFaddin and The Lady, Her Lover and Her Lord by T.D. Jakes and these were my recovery channels. Words can’t express how I feel right now looking back at April.

My internship contract ends this month and if or not i’ll be retained or my contract renewed, I have no idea, but what I do know is that i’m grateful for how far i’ve come and prepared for what lies ahead.

In May, I look forward to having a great time, hopefully take new pictures, go pitch balling, bowling, to the museum, a paint party, a fashion show or just out for a drink or to eat junk- because carbs are God sent goodness to His own. In May, I choose to pause, inhale the flowers and breathe. How was your April?

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