Invisible Battles

It’s one of those days when the puzzles don’t fit

The cards fall off and the tears dry up

A time you realize you’re in this valley alone

Slowly, silent voices stir in a distance

The warriors throwing arrows

Ready for an attack

But I’m just here

Weak and not ready to wage a war

I hope they don’t attack

But I don’t have weapons to fight in case

I don’t want to be taken captive

But I already feel dead inside

Breathing to all, only alive when he’s around

He tries to comfort me- physically and through the waves

People don’t understand…they never do

You’re your own strength and pillar

It’s funny how you can’t take your business outside

Yet everyone expects you to share

When you do, you make the news

Your only hope is you

Keep fighting invisible battles

Hang in there

You’re doing the best you can

God’s not dead

He’s nowhere to be found

But still He watches and keeps His own

Indeed, a time will come.

Published by Cocoa Series

Cocoa Series is a platform sharing inspiring lifestyle stories...

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