We’re Stuck Together!

Today, I had a dream…a good dream and though I cannot remember what happened, I woke up with these words from that dream: “God entangles the pieces in common” or, put it this way: “God entangles the common pieces.”All day, I kept these words in my heart and checked out a few definitions I’ll share with you.

  • Common in this context means having shared, familiar, alike or regular interests or similarities.
  • A Piece is a part of something, a portion of an object and a separate or limited portion or quality of something.
  • Entangle means to cause to become twisted together with or caught in or it could mean a knot, wrap, twist or it could mean sticking together which means to become or remain attached.
  • Unique means being the only one of it’s kind or unlike anything else.

Now, I personally do not believe in coincidences, but in God orchestrating things because my steps are ordered by the Lord, He knew my name even before I was formed, He is the beginning and the end, all things works together for good to them that love God and He makes all things happen in His time. I know you may or may not have heard either of these scriptures before, but they remind me that God always has a plan and He holds the master plan we do not see or know nothing about, but daily, He guides us.

Yes, God guides our thoughts, decisions, plans, actions and just everything. There is always a reason for everything this is why I take notes about details of my life knowing that these fragments are vital pieces to make up reasons for events that take place now and will take place in the future. The person in your life is there for a reason- one you may or may not know now. Some people are there just for the season and once it’s over, they leave and may or may not return, but that’s all dependent on God’s plan.

This may sound pretty overwhelming and vague and disturbing for some, but this is the truth and I walk in the light of that truth knowing it’ll lead me somewhere- like it always has. Okay, this is deep. So, take a deep breath, exhale and keep reading.

God entangles common pieces because they have similarities that complement each other and won’t cause difficulties getting fitted together.


Sometimes, I look at my family, friends, colleagues and just people who God has placed in my life and I in theirs and I’m reminded that we’re stuck together in this ship we’re sailing. Permit me to say that life is a cruise! We belong together because we share a part of something that is limited.

We may come from the same family, but we’re not entangled or have a bond we share. A mother may decide to become and remain more attached to a particular child over the other because they have more things in common. We may have friends, but there are friends who are closer to us than others because we share a part of something that is only common and limited to just us and this makes us belong to each other. We’re stuck together!

God entangles the common pieces because they share similar interests, familiar preferences and they may be separate in their entities, personalities, complexion and have their differences and limitations, but for the purpose of sticking together- becoming one and remaining attached, those limited traits which they share is what binds them together and trust me, it’s always for a very long time.


This is why families, friendships, relationships, marriages, bonds and anything binding two or more people together for a long period always lasts because they have something in common.

Who are you stuck with?

Ask yourself!

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