Finding Closure

Who said moving on was easy?

Well that person lied and told the truth too.

It depends on what you’re moving on from

Though it’s never been easy opting out

It’s still easy snapping out and starting again.

When we move on though,

We cry, sulk, lose the energy, develop some traits

Yes, I became an Island once– on my own

The second time, I made new friends– lots of ‘em

Another period, I treaded carefully– but hated it

Moving on is easy and not as easy as it seems.

If it was toxic, unhealthy, unstable and draining

You lose a part of you that is now comfortable with unhealthy

You build walls, secure the gates, guard up more and isolate

Hiding in all of that armor is a you that wants to loosen up, but can’t.

It’s okay to be afraid

It’s okay to build those walls

It’s okay to shut the gates

It’s okay to raise the red card

What’s not okay is how long that’ll last

What’s not okay is what you do during your lockdown

What’s not okay is the perspective you build and generalize

What’s not okay is you not trying to heal

What’s not okay is you not taking the lessons

What’s not okay is you not learning and unlearning

What is okay is you being you again.

It’s hard to move on again

Even harder to leave your comfort zone

But let go of the past and hurt first.

Talk about it, cry, feel bad, beat up yourself, but heal.

This time, get up, clean up and sit up

It’s okay to stay in and not step out yet

It’s okay to be careful with the next

But be yourself, relax, be free and breathe

Most of all, communicate everything you couldn’t

Most of all, be yourself without lies

Most of all, give room for growth

Most of all, breathe and take a step.

Yes, baby steps, pause and breathe…

But step outside the walls and enjoy the green

Move on and make memories of the horizon.

Remember, baby steps…

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