Fresh Beginnings

I feel like I have been given another chance to live my best life without a manual again, but with clues, caution and cheerleaders who pop up for checks and balancing. My growth journey will always have seasons- especially for clearing, cultivation, planting, watering and fruit bearing, but this last season of clearing, bush burning, tilling and maybe transplanting wasn’t funny or easy at all. I’m just in the first phase of my recovery and still feeling the heat, but I hope and pray to God I don’t crash again anytime soon.

A lot of people do not know this, but the Cocoa Series brand- just like Cocoa pods, take time to produce, process and make its farmer proud. Cocoa Series is a brand that will definitely take time to grow, mature and bear fruits that will produce seeds, grow again in that sequence for ages. This is why it is a Series and not a one time event or brand that’s been built, furnished and set to standard before being made public. I want my followers, friends, family and cheerleaders to walk with me through this growth process and be a part of my everyday success and challenge as each series unfolds itself. No, that’s not all about it too.

So, today, I’m taking out time as a brand and an individual, to count my blessings (without naming them just yet) and to embrace new opportunities to be female, be a daughter, sister, aunty, friend, lover, employee, colleague, blogger, creative, an inspiration and all the amazing people I can be in one body and person. Let’s drink to that! I’m taking cappuccino because it makes me feel so alive sometimes, but please drink whatever makes you feel alive too- even if it’s a glass of chilled water because water is life and very healthy. Cheers to fresh beginnings!!!

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