Picking Up The Pieces

It’s been a minute…and I sincerely missed blogging my truths, experiences, messages of hope, tips and tricks, laying it all out here. However, I’m gradually trying to pick up the pieces from where I left off, but this time, I’m coming back better. So far so good, I’ve decided to own my journey with all the baggage and cabbage in between. I understand that life is a rhythm of ups and downs. So, because I’ve been on the mountain top, living my best life, it gets easier walking through the valley to another mountain top.

I have been so hard on myself for a lot of reasons. Well, one is the fact that I have mild OCDs and just need things to be perfect, but again, I’ve realized perfection is a journey and not a destination. It gets better each day or worse, but definitely better than the last when you try again. I’ve also promised that I won’t be too hard on myself anymore- at least for a long while. Why? Because I’m doing better than I think I am. Now to the pieces I’ve been picking up…

Have you noticed the changes on the blog? That’s me doing me. I was supposed to pay a friend to help rebrand and design the blog to standard – other than the boring one page with 6 blog posts and nothing extra. But, I sat down with the Holy Spirit and together, I learned on the job and made magic happen. I am excited for this improvement. Now, take your time to visit the site here but if you’re already a follower, please subscribe to get newsletters like the first one I sent out today here. Don’t forget, feedbacks are special gifts to me. This doesn’t mean I won’t make payments for the final design to be done because I’m not even close to getting started, but for now, this will do.

Lately, I remind myself to never give up, but keep walking, and no matter how slow I go, it’s better taking a break to rest, breathe, get back up, dust and walk again as long as I do not stop. Not everyone will or can relate to my story, but for those looking up to me, my cheer leaders and for myself, i’m pushing the best way I can. The rains will definitely come, that’s why I’ve got to survive the heat no matter what.

Like a designer cuts out unwanted fabric to make a glam dress, like contractors tear down walls and floors to remodel a house, like blacksmiths melt finely crafted tools to make treasures, like a mother bird places sharp objects in the nest to force her birds to spread their wings and fly, I do feel frustrated because I don’t understand why God is making dramatic changes in my life. However, i’m certain it’s for growth and a season of preparation for better things to come.

I may be weak, vulnerable, disinterested, tired, sad and all, but this time, i’ll be walking with my companions “goodness and mercy”, “wisdom and understanding”, “grace and truth”, “submission and humility”, “sacrifice and obedience”, “faith and patience”, and together, we will pick up the pieces of my life to make a picture that is “perfect, complete and lacking nothing.”

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