A Pain… Champagne

I am a young woman who is caged…yes, I am entrapped in a financial crises that’s led to a scandal. I have never tried to be dependent on nobody, but lately I cried, wailed and screamed in pain, loud enough for most to hear, but no, only a few cared enough to come close, lend a helping hand and a shoulder to cry on.

I am not a young woman waiting to be rescued…no, I am not some princess waiting for a miracle. I have always been proactive, plotting graphs, making plans and trying to breakthrough.

I may not be equipped for what’s before me, but I, I am facing my challenges the best way I can, knowing someday the gates will open. So, for now, I am facing the enemy, I will use what I have to get what I want. No, not my body- it’s a vessel I can’t share, but I will present my petition, I will go the extra mile, I will leave my comfort zone, I will turn the logs in the fire so it can brightly burn. I don’t mind if I sweat in the heat of the moment or break because of the pain, but when it’s all over, I’ll dance in the rain and celebrate my victory with a bottle of champagne.

I may look soft, but I am made from the strongest experiences and my story is one that won’t be told by moonlight. I am my mother’s daughter and I may have her traits of weaknesses, but I am proud I embody her strengths in me which supersede any other embodiment or trait anyone can wish for.

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