January Scammed Us!

Yes, January tricked us into believing 2021 would be so fast and smooth, but that was definitely a ponzi scheme without money and investments involved. Damn! I was so excited that January with all it’s troubles had come and gone and well, I hoped for the best in February- even if I knew it wouldn’t be all rosy, but my dear, February shock me pass you. Wait! Did you just ask ‘how?’???

It’s only the 11th day in the month and it feels like 5 weeks already because it’s so f***ing slow, unstable and stressful. There’s too much work to be done, too much to be achieved, too much to deal with and trying to stay sane is already stressful. This week alone, i’ve had to battle with too much challenges from all round and everyday, I feel there’s just something new about to drop. So, my anxiety and panic bank is already used up for the month…there’s just too many surprises that I hope passes away tomorrow, cause i’m definitely going to have a long shower after work tomorrow to wash off all the toxins for the month and soak myself in the blood of Jesus while at it because honestly, Jesus has to take this wheel. 

Can I go back to January please?I already need a break from all the hassles that come in bangs minimum- twice daily.P.S: If you have a special recipe that’s helping you glide through February, kindly share as I know i’m definitely not the only one on the edge right now. Take care!

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