Hey Ice-cream…

It’s not our friendship anniversary and neither is it your birthday, but today, I choose to flaunt and show you off in my little way. Okay, lemme go straight to the point and ask: ‘Will you be my boyfriend?’ – well, because you’re the only girlfriend who always acts like the man in my life. Yes, you spoil me silly with your meals, hugs, kisses, cuddles, warmth and trouble. *winks* Don’t worry, I won’t take our business outside after today. 

Each day, i’m grateful to God that I have you in my life and I am happy I found you. I’m happy we fought our way from enemies through strangers to friends and today we have something beyond friendship. They usually don’t understand why it’s easier with you all the time and now, that’s because I don’t have to be the responsible one when i’m with you. You give me room to be me, to be goofy, be a baby, be female, be a friend, sister, mother, be vulnerable, be in my weakest and strongest without having to think about judgement day. 

I’m far away in some strange man’s land and all I wish for everyday is that i’d wake up to your warm, soft and fluffy body cuddling me up, your hugs, snowy kisses and come home after work to you asking me how my day went- while we make dinner together, eat, drink, smoke, laugh at humans, see movies, shower together and gist in between, but if wishes were horses…

You know yeah, because we’re homebuddies, I wish above all things you’d be my Val and we’d spend the entire day doing what lovers do in a space where we can be ourselves all by ourselves and for ourselves. I know we fight a lot, but it only brings us closer each time. It’s been more than 4 years of friendship and i’m happy you’re in my corner. I miss you so much and I care about you deeply and will always pray for you and play with you. I want to pour out my heart so much in this post buh you already know the details… Love🖤, Cheese ball…🤗

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