So Far, So Good…

You know you need to be on this ship with me right now yeah? Don’t worry, it’s not Titanic reloaded and there are lots of lifeboats for everyone plus, my God-given story bank engine is working just fine with a 9D VR experience you definitely don’t wanna pass on- well, not like I tried it when I had the chance to and you don’t wanna have regrets like I do. So, sit back, relax and wait for the doorbell or knock cause there’s a surprise in it for you.

‘Cring Cring!!!’ Okay, that’s the delivery guy from your favorite pizza vendor. Don’t worry, you can thank me later. I’m only here to share my ‘gbas gbos’ in the last 5 weeks with you and not some serious talk- even if you’ll need to hand me some wipes for my tears, but to understand my banter better, you need some pizza and soda…you know how these things go.

Long story cut short, I made a vision board with plans just to live life on a normal and not hype the year because 2020 showed me pepper- *correct atarodo. Okay! I’m in debt and have a quit notice hanging on my neck, alarming bills and i’ve sent out applications cause my current place of work have decided to do a collab with my village people and frustrate my life, but i’m still drinking wine and getting stoned to numb away my problems because- I can’t kill myself. FYI, I have been taking fresh orange juice and zobo daily. Why? I need to glow so much that they’ll be blind if they come closer. Moving on…

It feels good to be in love again after so long, but no matter how much you position yourself and get all the keys to unlock a man’s heart, he’ll only open up and commit when he’s ready to. Don’t ask me how…he’s the door and you only have the keys. If he doesn’t want you in, your keys will get stuck and you’ll be stuck too Milady. So, just be calming down and live on a cruise…this is not Sugar Rush.

Okay, I sincerely apologize for leading you on this far.Truth: I have totally forgotten all I wanted to say in this post, but we move! Wait!!! If you’ve already finished that virtual pizza in your mind, send back my coins because things are hard and the crypto ban might just be worse than covid19 for some of us. I love you too… Ciao! 

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