In January…

Did the ‘January Broke Fever’ catch up with you? A lotta people usually have a yellow and red balance in the first month of the year because of the many expenses accrued during the festive season. It is without doubt that bank statements, checks and balances, analysis, plans and goals are usually unavoidable keywords in January. You already know my December wasn’t detty, but January covered up for it. Truth: Everything happened in January.

I’m particularly laying emphasis on how crazy my January was because sincerely, it felt like an extension of 2020 and I didn’t feel the new year until the last days, but finally in February when I got back to work. I want to tell you about everything that happened in no particular order and candidly, it’s a month i’ll never forget anytime soon or ever. What happened?

  • I gave thanks to God on Day 1 and I felt a friction in our relationship, but He held me in His hands all the while and though my peace and joy weren’t there always, I cherished the days I had ’em both and still said ‘Thank you, Father!’. 
  • I started the year with my period on Day 1 and ended January with it flowing. Twice in one month… Sanitary towels are expensive and my body needs to stop wasting blood. Well, the bad toxins can go…*winks*
  • My finances played chess with me and sometimes it was checkmate, but I ran into debt, made some money, spent more and lost some. You really don’t wanna go into the details alright? We’re good!
  • Did you say anything about love? Lawson made sure I was comfortable to the brim and the peak. He spoilt me real good. He was everything and I wanna write so much about my fairytale come alive days with him, but only if he sends me some BTC.
  • My girls were the best except one who constantly drove me nuts. We were stoned and alive and stupid and hungry and dizzy and wasted and everything. From grooving to being at home, to eating out, the movies, clubbing, everything happened with my girls. I miss Ice-cream a lot more…the ‘snow’ especially and well, life goes on. 
  • I was away from Seun the whole time and yes, I missed him too very much, I can’t even deny that. Sometimes, I cried and he cared from a distance the whole time. Oya, i’m back to my weekend getaway and honestly, I need that alone time we always had because coming back to my reality as an adult is crazy AF! Bring your body for 1 million hugs please…
  • So, what happened over the holidays might just spill over and you know what? I met my ex! He calls me his ‘Eternal Friend’ and you definitely need to grab some wine if you wanna hear all of it. Let’s leave out the details…we move!
  • I got new names that shocked the life out of me… I was called ‘Santa, Blood Tonic, Safety Pin/Net, Honey and Spice, and some others I can’t even recall, but yes, I blushed the whole damn time.
  • I definitely took lots of pictures, spent time with family, worked on my vision board, made plans, lived a day at a time, went numb for days, got ill and finally decided to face my insecurities, reality and mountains. 

And, In January, memories that will never be forgotten were created and recreated. My life felt like a walk in the deep, but i’m grateful I feel stronger writing about it- although it wasn’t as smooth as my words make it. Did I leave anything out? I’ll make up for it when I can. Valentine is calling…

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