A Thing About Weddings…

When was the last time you attended a wedding? Or, are you usually the wedding guest who steps out for the glam in *asoebi or bride’s maid dresses- like you’re the bride herself or some model from the magazine? You know, it’s not also bad if you’re like me who attends a wedding once a year or none at all… (Whispers: It saves cost and stress), but sincerely, I love weddings. Now, don’t you let your mind get all catatonic with ideas that weddings are about the lavish display of meals and drinks, the *owambe feeling or the lots of pictures to be taken. (Raises glass: Here’s some wine as we unwind my wedding experience… {Sips}).

Personally, a turn-on for me at weddings is usually the array and splur of colors. The décor is an essential asset at weddings and whether or not there are balloons, flowers, lightings, linens and silk in abundance is not a choice, but a necessity and in fact, a priority. Additionally, I am very particular about sitting arrangements, choice of music, le compére, the food, drinks, location and a lot on the side. However, I have overtime noticed that two determining factors at weddings are usually organization and communication- which if not properly pinned to the top of the wall, may cause mayhem, infuse pressure and turn any event into a boring or tell-tale fiasco.

Cutting the long story short, basically, Sade’s wedding was void of tiny insignificant bits of organization and communication that stressed me out in a good way- as hitches are almost inevitable, but was an amazingly unforgettable experience. My sister and I who were bridesmaids ended up getting our makeup done late and we couldn’t join the procession to the church. We arrived just in time for the exchange of vows because the location was almost inaccessible and I had to run errands for the bride- getting bouquets and doing some last minute runs. After the wedding, we were all expected to be at the reception venue, but couldn’t because again, my sisters and I had to drive round town, make several calls, send DMs and comb boutiques in search of reception gowns for the bride and her maid of honor. Yes, we found perfect dresses for both of them.

The experience was stressful, but just enough to help me learn and unlearn a lot about weddings. Meanwhile, enough of all the bad news cause you need to check out my pictures and selfies from that day. I slayed, came with the drip, added some fire to it and damn right killed it with all those curves and goodness for the drip. Now, that’s when I hear my name echo- IVARA (which means perfection).

Now, here’s an advice for you my darling; get an event planner for the smallest things, outsource, delegate and just take the stress off your sleeves. Please and please, prioritize organization and communication even if it’s for a get together. Yes, I love you too.
P.S: Don’t forget to take a cruise on my almost stolen pictures and say a prayer for the newly wedded couple.

*Asoebi – Nigerian outfits worn by a group of people to a party, wedding, or funeral as a uniform.
*Owambe – Nigerian party which involves lots of food, drinks, dancing, loud music and spraying of money to celebrants, guests or dancers.

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