Wrapping-Up 2020

Journaling is a hobby that’s graduated into a career and has always served as a compass which helps me navigate through the past, present and leads me onto the future. I am grateful for how far I’ve come because I’ve had to journal, make, create a lifestyle and live my dreams in 2020. So, this is me journaling a wrap-up post for 2020- not just for my eyes, but yours too. Thank you for being in my space to read this.

Yes, 2020 gave me the right amount of successes and challenges, failures and lessons to live with and learn from. I was fat and slim, healthy and unhealthy, happy and sad, broke and rich, passionate and unmotivated, numb and full of good vibes, bleh and spontaneous, jumping and cuddled up, confused and decisive, loved and heartbroken, positive and negative, ignorant and wise, stupid and intelligent, frustrated and cruising, consistent and tired, I had everything and nothing, a little of this and much of that…2020 was a cruise with the breeze and storms intercepting, but I made it to the shore with hooks, scars, pebbles, treasures and tales.

In 2020, I started Cocoa Series – Podcast, Blog, IG Account and I’m still running with the vision. In 2020, I wrote a book that hasn’t been published just yet and a collection of poems saved up for some soon-to-be unveiled magic. My blog followers went from 2 in November 2019 to 85 in November 2020 with over a hundred posts. I bought new books, went all out to work on my weaknesses and develop my strengths.

We all got affected by Covid19, Black Lives Matter and the EndSARS protest somehow, but it took a great toll on my finances, career, health, faith, a lot, but I’m grateful for friends, family, strangers and a life of experiences. I did personalize my life a lot in 2020 and increased my social standing- which were my themes for the year and I’m grateful for my take on preferences and choices. It’s been a year and I’m grateful to God for everything and everyone who made it an amazing year full of trips for me.

To wrap-up 2020, I want to acknowledge those who made a mark in my life: Jameel, Seun, Lawson, Banjo, Rhema, Daniel, Temitope, Fluffy, Geraldine, Beulah, Peculiar, Moffee, Sade, Malik, Vicky, Simi, Mr. Flow, Wole, Aminaru…an endless list – including you who’s reading and rooting for me.
I love you!!!🖤

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