I Want To Cry So Bad

Life has been a hassle for me with seasonal eclipses that cause raging storms which get so blank yet so dense, but makes me suffocate in the open without a roof and a wall. I really don’t know how my life went from becoming to unbecoming in a narrow span of nanoseconds that swiftly transcended to days and weeks of a roller coaster, but never underrate the power of the Babylon sticks or ice cream which melts away your worries and leaves a subtle sweet after taste causing you to lick your lips and for a moment results in a good amnesia you definitely don’t wanna come out of. Okay, what am I even saying?

The synopsis of this candid expression in words outlined in an almost literary language is that my life has been a mess lately and I really wanna cry so bad, but can’t, don’t know how to start, can’t even say what’s going on to anyone besides God and don’t know how I’ll come out of the trap I casually walked into in an attempt to be a blessing to others. I just wanna cry so bad and that’s just that about that as far as that is concerned.

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