Wrap-Up December

I’m not afraid to say this in public, but December was a financial roller coaster for me. It started out with so many bank issues, debts, loans, payments, business transactions, cash giftings and just everything money. I was rich, broke and in-between. Now, it wasn’t all about money…so, walk with me.

In December 2020, I can say in detail that I experienced life and life gave me experiences that’ll last a lifetime. First off, I had no plans for December, buh I low-key knew I had a couple of things to achieve, with memories to create and recreate. It’s taken me a lot to finally put the words in my head to writing and creating this post was a lotta hardwork, but I made sure to be very detailed and saved the juice for the time appointed.

The first few days got me started with sickness and 3days later, I had to isolate for 2weeks because a colleague of mine had Covid and yes, I caught the virus too -which is a story for another blog post, but don’t worry about me cause I’m fine now. Work resumed again for 2days during the Christmas week and there was a 150% hike in transportation, but I had to travel home to see family after a year, have meetings, attend my only wedding for the year -which will make up another blog post…and organize a lotta my things.

Sincerely, I had a lotta fun innit with family and although this Christmas wasn’t as traditional as it used to be because we had to be wedding guests the next day, we made out time to make the most of it. I had an amazing time living in the kitchen on a daily, running errands, stressing out, having fun and doing me.

Basically, December came and left with a lot of lessons, stories, memories, decisions, experiences, expectations, disappointments and yes, stress, but above all, I’m grateful because we survived, we made it to the end of the year and we could all reunite with our loved ones.

Finally, I know you’re expecting so much more news in detail and I’ll make sure to share every tiny bit of that juice with the drips and sauce on the side. Now, here’s a list of the pending blog posts I’ll make (in no particular order) to fill you in on my experiences and lifestyle:

– My Covid19 Experience
– A Thing About Weddings
– A Fairy Tale Come Alive
– Detty December…2020
– Wrapping-Up 2020
– New Year…2021 Unveiled
– In January…

So, sit back, relax and sip on something while I do what I do best.

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