Detty December…2020

Did you have a Detty December in 2020? I can’t say so much for myself, but my girlfriends did have one and I’m so happy, proud and grateful for their experiences.

Now, from the moment there was a delay in payment to the work day extension, I knew somethings were definitely not going to go according to the plan I didn’t have. Actually, I had a thought for the beach, girls hang out, Sade’s wedding, family outing, the movies, ice-cream tours, night outs, butt massages and just a lot, but my reality was partly the reverse. There was no time, people were engaged, the vibe was low, money was a hindrance, the cooking stress was draining, but a little of a lot happened.

Despite it all, I was able to go to the movies with Lawson, had ice-cream tours with him and a fairy tale moment I’ll make a post on, went shopping, visited a smoke hub with the girls, went to Christmas Village with the family and actually spent a lotta time with family- driving round town, cooking, gisting and just savouring the moment.

I don’t know what 2021 holds, but I’d love to have a different kinda December with a better lifetime experience innit. Was yours Detty?

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