Blogmas Week 1…

Am I too late for the trend? I don’t think so cause it’s better late than never. Today, I checked up the meaning of ‘Vlogmas’ and ‘Blogmas’ and decided, why not? I’ve never known about it, but I’m excited to share a few details for the 4weeks in December. I thought about pushing it till next year buh why not this year? So, this is it.

Apparently, I’ve had to work from home this week because I’m isolating from Covid19 and yeah, I had all the symptoms of Covid which scared the fuck out of me. I lost my voice, got flu, sore throat, headaches, got weak, buh I was so fucking honey all the while. My baby came to the rescue and I’m much better. I had to take a lot of ginger, lemon, honey and sincerely, it’s been a combo of hell and heaven for me.

Good part about this isolation, I’ve been with Vicky- my girlfriend who came into town and we ate, saw lots of movies especially 365 Days and Savages which were my fave- with sex scenes. You didn’t read that! Moving on, I checked my weight again today after like 4 months and I weighed 69.7kg against 72kg in August and 75kg in July. Yeah, work has been stressful lately, I’ve been overthinking a lot, I was emotionally stressed and sick some weeks back and that’s enough to make me lose weight. Now to the great part…

At home, I’ve dedicated this isolation to self care. I’ve been working out everyday for a week now, taking care of my skin with home made masks from cucumber, tumeric and honey, cooking and decorating my meals and sleeping. Don’t forget that I’ve been working and praying so hard to God about my job situation and I’ve decided to calm down because by January, I’ll have all the answers I need. I’m slowly prepping for Christmas buh I’ll miss him a whole lot and I wish I’d actually spend it alone with him buh….it is what it is.

And… that’s it! A blogmas has been done by me. Tell me what you think about it. Toodoo!

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