My Life is a Gift

Yes, I feel really blessed! Blessed that I am me, I have me and will always protect and provide for me. Did I just say trash? No… I’m heading somewhere. Does it sound selfish? No… You need to be calming down. You should be happy for me. Why?

Lately, I’ve felt like the odd one out of the game. What game? And why? Well, I’ve always been the odd one out of the whole since I started talking and I’m not surprised it grew with me. What am I even saying? Here’s the deal… Among my peers, friends and people I know, I’ve always felt different with them. Their goals don’t align with mine in some ways, their words and actions sound and seem nothing like mine sometimes and I’ve lived with that without trying so hard to go the extra mile and not do me or be myself.

First off, while a lot of young ladies were busy living on social media and going on several dates, I was busy studying to get my grades right, learn a skill or two, read and research about a lot, fall in love with cars, games, gadgets, crime, investigative and war movies, did a lot of writing and just tried out different things without even feeling under any sort of pressure to do what they did. No offence to Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram and 2go freaks in no particular order.

Years later, while a lot of ladies around me are struggling with carrying the latest iPhone they can’t afford and do a lot with besides taking pictures and making videos- not even for YouTube, a MacBook they can’t create a document with- just to feel among, dating rich guys for the sake of status and stuff they’d get, going about with sugar daddies, thinking about owning a Bentley, going on several vacations, taking lots of pictures and spending a lot to be on the gram, the story is different for me. How? I’m just here thinking about the next phase of my career, the businesses I wanna venture into, projects I need to complete and kickstart, branding, how to be a better person, how to invest in this and that, get an apartment, work hard and earn a lot enough to keep me comfy, spend some more on learning and developing myself, getting gadgets of course and living the life of my dreams from the interests on the interest of the interest of the interest of my investments, businesses and yes, work. No offence to the ladies out there living their best life and catching cruise… I’m happy for y’all.

Today, I just really thought about it. What is the essence of being materialistic or trying to be a certain way inorder to boost your self esteem? And I realized we all have different problems, perspectives and paths. Now, this is why I said I feel blessed. How?

I’m blessed because I am myself and everyone who actually do have me in their lives- for some good reason- are blessed to have me. Honestly, I don’t even know how to be pressurized by material things. I want them, I have the money to spend on them, I get them and I’m happy. I don’t have the money, I fucking stay in my lane because I know eventually, I’ll have the things I need and more in abundance.

Secondly, I feel blessed because I have a good family, amazingly dramatic friends, special advisors, great friends and a sweet handsome looking guy who loves me regardless of all my flaws and everything else. I also have a job and side hustles that stress my life and make me happy at the same time buh pays the bills. At the end of the day, I’m excited and peaceful because I’m not where I was last year or 5 years ago. I’ve advanced in a lot and I’m excited about the next 6months, 1 year, 5 years… So, why would I for a second feel pressured about something that others crave and die for? Yeah, something like a wig, bag, a trip, an iPhone 12, this and that…when I know I’d eventually have all I need and besides, I have had these things without shouting or showcasing them. My dear, forget it, I’m blessed and my life is a gift. Don’t ever let social media take away your peace, joy and gratitude for the little things that matter more. Your life is a gift because you are different and you’re blessed. I don’t know about you but I’m drinking this really chilled water and it hits different…you should drink some water too.

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