God’s Plan

Yesterday I cried, I was in pain and so weak, but today, i’m stronger and ready to live in the moment, take on the future, be happy and just let God do His thing in my life. Here’s the deal…

We had both invested a lot in the situationship we had and feelings definitely found a way to grow, but no, I woke up that day, it felt different, I was numb, i was anxious to see him, laugh and gist and make out like we always did, but when he came in, my mood changed. I was sad, numb, angry, blank, vulnerable and the tears started streaming down when he held me: “You know you can always talk to me and I gatchyu!”. 

Now, these made me cry some more because he didn’t even know what was going through my head and I knew then that he’d not always be there. So, why live a lie and catch cruise when I wanted more, but he didn’t? So, I called it quits and he left me there alone to find my way home. He became my home, but I realized I was alone.

I still tried to make it work again that day, the next, but today, I woke up, saw his message and realized how grateful I was for truth and God surely did His thing in His time. Sincerely, this wasn’t planned. We both knew it would happen, but my lips just moved that morning and you can’t blame me cause out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaketh. 

I was in love with him… I still am two days later, but according to him: “I cannot give you the emotional security that you crave for. If I wish to be selfish, i’d say we continue what we been doing. But if i’m to advice you as a friend, I’ll say you should protect your heart, soul & mental health. What we’re doing is unhealthy and has little to no future prospects.” Now, this is when I sing Simi’s ‘Friends with benefits no longer beneficial…’ My heart sure has a way of always falling in love and putting me in trouble. 

Why did I say i’m grateful? I’m grateful to Him first for telling me the truth because somewhere I kept thinking we’d probably work out or have a relationship, but he was already grounded in his decisions to simply have fun and I respect that. I’m grateful to God for truth because for Him to do a new thing in my life, the old has to go and I guess it’s my breakthrough season again. I’ve always trusted God’s plan for me concerning my everything and that morning when I felt the way I did, I just spoke to God about it and told Him to do His will and have His way. So, this is all God’s plan and i’m done sulking. Alright, new book please… This story was the best so far and well, eyes have not seen nor ears heard about the best that’s yet to come. I smell it already…

God’s plan for me is that I have happy days, experience life, get heart breaks, move on and continue living without limitations and restricting my potentials from being released. I had so much peace after his message this morning and God knows my life from beginning to end. He knows if it’s the right time to settle and with him or not, so, why bother? 

Deep down, I know I deserve someone who loves me as much as I love him or more, wants me same way or more and I know I am good enough for a long lasting relationship. He was amazing and in his words “It was an amazing run fam, I can’t deny that”, but we move! So, this weekend, I’m getting a tattoo done, not a piercing this time…to mark this next level of growth. Yes, you read that right… 
My tattoo is going to be a bird on my wrist because this is freedom to explore the horizons and just keep flying. We perch, but we keep moving… Change is a constant to me and i’m happy this is a new phase which i’m already excited about. I’m stronger and better and I learned a lot from my experience with him. I invested in it and I cashed out something more than money. So, time to get detty in December and prepare for the new year cause I dunno about you, but I already have my themes for the year. UPGRADE & SOAR!!! I’ll give you the details soon… Have a great month fam and don’t forget it’s all about the energy this month. 

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2 thoughts on “God’s Plan

  1. Your Mr Right is around to corner upgrading and being molded to perfection by the creator himself. He’ll love you unconditionally. You’re too amazing Gloria.

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