Wrap-Up November

I know I had no expectations for November, but I had a lot of laughter and tears, joy and pain, credits and debits, sickness and good health…infact, November was a mixture of both good and bad.

In November, I neglected myself a whole lot. Deprived me of sleep, rest, peace, joy and even if I tried so much to get my sh*t together, I did so for some days, but other days just went bleh. Now, I have a lotta people owing me money and I have a lotta people i’m owing money too.  This is sad for me, but i’ve really tried to keep it together regardless. However, i’m positive about December. 

My cousin visited in November and I was so damn happy to reconnect with her after 2 years…if not more. She gave me the best days and advice and I was so excited having her around. Next up, Sade came into town and she also gave me a really good time after a few months of being away. These two ladies gave me the best days in November because we had lots of gist, smoothies, suya and good food to share. 

November made me realize a lot about friendship, relationships, love, people in general. Those who were there only when they needed the attention, those who were there because of what they could gain, those who were keeping tabs from a distance, those who weren’t even concerned and some others who genuinely cared, expressed it and gave a lot to make the friendship work. 

Wait! Have you seen my wardrobe lately??? You don’t even know what is going on… This whole PERSONALIZATION thing for the year has caught up with me in the last days and i’m excited about it regardless of all that’s going on around me. For my library, you can only see the pictures cause i’m excited about how much i’ve invested in it. There’s more to come…

Now, I had a great time cooking and taking orders. I had a terrible time at work. My health is on a 40% decline rate and I need help. I cried a lot because I fell in love and still called it quits in tears. It hurts a lot to let him go and in as much as I don’t wanna lose him, my head says it’s the right thing to do even if my heart says otherwise. Will I ever get over him? Never! It’s hard for me and I know it is for him too. Did I tell you I reconnected with my Ghanaian friend – Ben? It’s been years, buh we move!!!

About a week ago, I was told about a possible transfer to another city for work and this wasn’t the plan, but God’s will prevails. I’m already applying for other jobs and I hope it pulls through. I also made an entry for a writing contest and hope I get selected. Cocoa Series Magazine has been on a hold…same with my personal projects till i’m able to get my sh*t together.

My HRM and her colleague just gave me a better morning and last day glow- with the compliments and a little chit chat. We spoke about books and recovery mechanisms. Impulse buying too and it was good to know it wasn’t just my weakness, but that of others too. Danielle Steel and Francine Rivers were the authors for us and this alone has made my day. 

There’s a lot to be done in December and i’m hopeful it’s going to be a great month. It’ll be colorful, beautiful, graceful, adventurous, fruitful and full of good vibes IJN…Amen. I’m deliberate and gonna be so damn intentional about December because I wanna work with energy these last days. I’m patient, hopeful and optimistic for better days. Do have the best days in December as we round up the year. Cheers!!! 

P.S: Don’t forget to say a word of prayer for me because I need a Miracle. 

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