The Gift

For as long as a few years now, I really believed love in a genuine friendship between the opposite sex was only a thing of the movies and possibly only existed once in a lifetime until I met a man who has showered me with the gift of friendship and love…in abundance.

Now, this isn’t something I’ve ever done on this blog, but I’m making an exception today. Y’all know how much I’ve written about my loneliness, need for love, genuine friendships, relationship talk and the whole husband thingy gist- i.e if you’ve been following up on my blog posts. Now, I’m gonna be talking about the man in my life. Don’t you go on thinking this is a relationship or marriage talk, cause there’s more to life and love than that. This guy right here, is da realest of all deals ever. Here’s the juice…

We met on Tinder- a dating site which turned a hookup site actually. I had no idea how things went up in there, buh I connected with a few people who all just really needed a make out partner without friendship building and all of that serious talk. Simply, guys just needed someone to have fun with and here I was thinking I could be nice, be myself and possibly build good friendships or connections with the people in there. Apparently, before I dived in too deep, I got saved by this dark, responsible, handsome, polite and gracious gent. Fast forward to 5months later…

We’ve been strangers, friends, exclusive partners, low-key lovers, each other’s strength and weakness together, a tower of peace, joy and just more. Now, we’ve had really bad days, misunderstandings and kinda gotten on each other’s nerves, but somehow, we’re still always crossing t’s and dotting i’s together regardless of our differences.

Somehow, I told myself we were just friends, having a situationship and whatever you wanna define it, but love happened. Yes, I fell in love with him. It’s not about his height, skin color, body, tone, character, this or that, buh about everything he is that I’m not, about the peace and joy he brings my way, about how much he makes me feel like a child again around him, about how much he makes me feel safe and confident around him, about his words of advice, encouragement and how much he reminds me of how beautiful I am inside out, about how passionate love making feels with him, about how much I yearn for every chance to be with him and in his arms…about everything.

Yes, I’m in love with him and even if I didn’t see it coming or know how we got here, I’m happy he’s in my space and I in his. I’m grateful to God for making him a blessing in my life. I appreciate him for making me a part of his life and I sincerely don’t care if this lasts for a day more or months or two years or forever… All I care about is the moments we share now. He is my answer to a long dwelt upon heartfelt prayer and I don’t want a relationship, I just want our friendship to keep budding as we encounter testimonies of growth and blessings each day.

Sharing my life, past, present, future, problems, testimonies, joys, tears, body, plans, and just everything with him has been amazing and for the excess love he puts out on display, I’m still stunned at such a rare gent. Men like him are numbered and I’m lucky to have this one in my life. I’m never letting you go even if you leave me someday- your spouse will have to deal with me.

I want to write an entire piece and put up his pictures out here, buh he’ll like to keep it discreet and I am loyal to his wishes. Did I tell you he now calls me Ojuju Calabar? Or did I tell you about our first kiss in public? Or maybe about how only 2 drags from his blunt knocked me out and damn, I can’t forget the experience…not in a few years.

Seun, you’ve shown me what genuine friendship is and you’ve shown me what love truly is. You’ve scaled through every hurdle I naturally put up and I’m really still wondering how we got here, but thank you for all you do and for being the best version of yourself. I still want to spend more weekends with you and let you cuddle me up like your baby that I am. Thank you for this gift and cheers to more of our days together. I love you!

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