Wrap-Up October

Let’s talk about October!
I feel like this year unwrapped itself with so much from both worlds- with the negative taking precedence. From one thing to the next and these days, I just ask myself: “What next?” Buh sincerely, there’s no response to that.
Now, about October!

This month kicked off for me and a lot others with so much positive and great vibes, a lotta blessings, open doors, goodness, joy, peace, buh suddenly, the tables turned and not in favour of many including me.
For the record, I’m away in my getaway spot, watching the smoke do it’s thing and sipping a chilled glass of Smirnoff. Why? Because peace of mind is vital and I’ve been stressed this month, week and today… So, a baby girl has gotta do her. We move!!!…

Let’s talk!
I was really excited about October and all that I was gonna achieve from the Magazine launch, website build to a lot more, buh the protest happened and plans didn’t only change, twas thwarted. How? The 2nd and 3rd week got me busy fighting for my rights alongside many others. I was emotional, sad, happy, gingered, angry, every possible feeling and situation you can think of, buh no, Bubu threatened me…us…and people, assets, money, a lot was lost including hope, faith, strength, just a lot.

So, I slept off last night and this morning which is 1st November, I’m in my getaway spot, listening to ‘You Covered Me’ by R.A Vernon Ft.Timothy Reddick -which has been on repeat for me for a while now. And yeah, I’m still telling you about my October. What next?

Apparently, the hoodlums burnt down a car park and raided, Injured and killed people in my house area. My sis still wasn’t back and morning, afternoon, night, all I heard were gunshots, screams and everyday, people moved out in their numbers. It was crazy cause I was so broke buh I had help. My friend- Geraldine was in Abuja, so I lodged with her for a few days and the memories we shared those few days live on. Esther and Temitope saved my ass with cash, and I finally joined my sis at Lifecamp and laughed a lot about the whole palliative thing. A week later, I went home to start from square one.

Going home was easy, but adjusting wasn’t. I had to clean up, think of food, my safety, get back to skin care as the effect of the protest sun dealt with me, I had to get my life back and all my personal tasks and projects just paused. My life was really unproductive for the last 3weeks of October and I just want to say that October wasn’t an easy month for me at all. I spent a lotta money, got Into debt, buh kept the smile alive when I could. I basically survived through everyday in October because it was really difficult.

Thanks to Seun who introduced me to this spot and tried to take my stress away sometimes. He’s a good person. So, Jameel and I got talking again and I must admit I missed his naughty ass full of trouble and the good vibes- he makes me tick- thank you. Heaven knows which month or year we’ll ever see again. Then, Temitope wants a relationship with me… Yes, you know that feeling. He’s a nice person, kind too and made my last week in October a better one good enough to distract me from all my troubles. We basically lived on Netflix and he took it upon himself to feed me. I won’t say anything, but the relationship is…ionno- not gonna work. Atleast not now for a lotta reasons… I’m in love with…

Daniel- my darling, became not just my friend, buh my therapist and I’m grateful for his love. I connected with someone new and rare- Olu Segun and my dear, you don’t wanna know the gist. Olalekan and I spoke up-up last night too… I connected with Banjo- a sweetheart I hope to meet in person someday and he’s really sweet- I wanna use his creativity for something he’ll love. Now, NgDarl prayed for me last night and even if it was a jokely prayer, I was happy it came from her lips to God’s ears. Peculiar helped me round up October with those crazy dance moves… liiiiiiikkkkeeeee… giiiirrrrllllll!

Now, I went hiking yesterday and thanks to Temitope, Debola and Idy, it was fun, stressful, exhausting, but challenging. I faced my fear for depth on a step one scale. I’m glad I went and met new people plus Delight- my new fashion designer. Sade’s wedding is ticking closer each day and I can’t wait to slay and have a great time. Danielle Steel’s books made my days worth it. Burna Boy and Wizkid’s album gave me a really soft landing. So, iNow, October has ended and I’ll say I achieved friendship and survival. I made it through and this is me officially rounding up and welcoming you to November. How was your October?

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