I’ve Been Used!

Lately, I’ve felt used, taken advantage of and fooled. The feeling keeps coming and better still, there are revelations on the people involved in this plot. I see the acts, I hear the thoughts from a distance, I reminisce past events and conversations and all I want to do is retrace my steps, press the exit button and isolate or simply keep walking silently while planning my exit.

I have been taken advantage of- my simplicity, honesty, loyalty, truth, love, kindness, everything…and I hate to feel this way or even think it, but I have been used to get attention, affection, ideas, money, sex, the good life, friendship, just a lot…and it makes me feel so sick and foolish to think I was so naïve to how despicable people can be and I was so foolish to think there was more to it when it all started and grew.

Do I speak in parables? Well, I don’t know what better way to say it without implicating anyone. One reason I made the last post about me shutting up, and in all honesty, all I want to do right now is lock up, buh for how long? I can’t even confront anyone… I just can’t bring myself to the thought of me getting used. I hate to feel this way or think it, but slowly, I’m slipping away and maybe loving from a distance is best. So, I’m taking out a few minutes to say a silent prayer for everyone who’s used me, taken advantage of me and made a fool out of me. Don’t worry, whether it’s a blessing or a curse, in time, we’ll know.

Do not take advantage of people. It’s a terrible thing to do, especially when and if they finally realize it. Apologize for any time you took advantage of someone, buh just know that if you’re on my list, it’s over!

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