Wrap-Up September

September used me to catch cruise. Liiiikkkkeeee….. It was indeed a September to remember. You need the juicy details yeah? Well, wait for it…

I don’t know if I’m the only one that got caught up with all the stress and alarming bills and debt and so many goals to achieve or just too much to do, with late nights, but still had a way to keep the glow up and slay for the most part cause really, my September was simply a scrambled puzzle card set with so much of fixing that needed to be done. At some point, I felt like my front end was so glossy, buh my back end was a fiasco.

So, at work, I’m still on a 3-days a week work schedule, buh you see those three days, it’s been hell of a lot to be done. From attending to walk-in clients to running around the office with tasks and till yesterday, which was more like the worst day of my entire working history, I just had a lot to do, buh learned a lot in the process too. I’m working on this storytelling project with the team in Nederlands and a few others from about 4 other countries. Now, it was an impromptu thingy I thought would last for only a day and maybe two hours, buh NO! I had to make a story board, write my personal story and prepare for filming- which was to hold today, buh I negotiated my way outta that one cause it’s Nigeria’s Independence today and we’re 60 years old. So, tomorrow, my filming session happens.

In the middle of the month, I was so broke and once, I was offered money by a staff from Italy, buh declined even when she doubled it. I did a job for her and to me, it’s my duty at work…so, why would I get a tip or gratitude gift for what I did? I’m being paid to do the job so, why get an extra pay from a guest? Nope! Not me! Thank you. I was flat broke that day and desperately needed money, but that money was a temptation and I’m glad I passed the test.

Now, concerning my personal projects, I am glad to announce to you that I have made part-payment for the free magazine project which will be dedicated to young women and girls. I am super excited about this because I’m prepping for my future. I wanna work at either Forbes Africa or Vogue Africa and I know this is going to be a stepping stone for me. I’ve gotten my creative mojo back and started doing my Cocoa branding magic again on IG. I’ve made exclusive interviews for the magazine, did a call for contributions and yes, there’s been lots of inputs.

Did I tell you I made a call for a virtual assistant? Well, I got to that point buh at the end of the day, I needed someone I could mentor too and prepare for the future of work. So, I got a couple of recommendations and people sent in their resumes too. I definitely need someone to handle my stuff, buh will the person be able to do it the way I need it done? That’s another thing. So, let’s wait a while.

My relationships or do I say friendships have been saved, reprioritized and shuffled. I’ve gotten to understand people better and know when to compromise or not. I think generally, I’m only doing what makes me happy and has a greater good. So, Seun and I spoke again, Jameel and I got to talk again…infact, today is his birthday and Vicky and I spoke at length about a lot. I made the friendship series of the magazine and I tell you what? I’m excited about it!!!! Moving on…

The BBNaija Season 5 has been wrapped up and trust me, I just Stan Laycon because seeing the turn around, it’s been magical sincerely and I just tap into his blessings and testimonies. Mercy got birthdays gifts plus 10k dollars and Tacha has broken the book of records for 1year steady fan base tweets and tags. I’m simply excited about all the progress rates, testimonies and all. I tap into the blessings of everyone I know and those around me and I pray for a ground breaking, quantum leap of blessings too…In Jesus’ name…Amen!

Yeah, I made my hair today, got 3 new books I love…Dreams From my Father by Obama, Amazing Grace from Danielle Steel and Rules of Wealth by Templar and I’m super super excited about the way September ended and October started. I got three course certificates from Philanthropy University and followed the TMC series back to back, subscribed to the NengersTV by Nengi Adoki- my new favorite actress with the Most Toasted Girl in Lagos series… I got a new piercing on my tragus, got my gold anklet and started doing my own illustrations.

This month, I just wanna care more about me. I’m working on achieving quite a lot in October, but I still wanna slow down and inhale the flowers at every chance I get. I am excited! So, there’s more to be done in October and I’m super glad the month is kicking off really good already. Thanks to everyone for making my September one to remember… I love you for reading and following my blog and thank you too for your silent prayers and love from a distance. Thanks so much…I wish you the very best in October. Let’s kick butts!!!

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