A Message of Hope

Here’s to me and maybe to you too… I’m just a simple young woman who’s driven by passion to be an inspiration to many by doing the simple things and inspiring others to unleash their true potential. Sometimes, I feel I’m at the end of the road, but somewhere somehow, hope always proves me wrong. What am I even saying?

Today, I got so excited starting out the new week with goals to smash and exciting projects in my head to work on. Just last night, I discussed with a friend about how much I wanted to get the magazine ready, get a website, an online store too and today, I did all those researches for the projects and products for the site and trust me, the energy felt so good, I even sent out updated chat questions to ladies who’ll be featured on the magazine and made cost analysis for the different things to be worked on and accomplished by December…all with so much synergy and smiles. Fast forward to 5hrs later- 9pm when I’m writing this blog post…

I’m excited about all the inspiration, creativity bubbling up inside of me, the plans I’m making towards realizing my dreams, but right now, only a miracle or an intervention can make these possible. Writing this, I have only about $3 on me home and abroad and don’t know where the funds will come from to realize all these plans which are tied to a greater goal of donating to girl-centered projects in my community. If I was using a paid plan on WordPress, I’d possibly put up a donation block and ask for help, but that’s far from it right now and I just really need help and the financial breakthrough I can get to make this work.

I’m hopeful that these are going to be actualized. I want to open a GoFundMe account, but I don’t even know who will possibly donate to it. I’m doing this blog post to let you know that it doesn’t always get so rosy all the time and that sometimes, you may not have all it takes to make your dreams come true, but be hopeful because I am hopeful and this too shall pass. Yes, this is a message of hope from me to me and maybe to you too.

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