My Alter Ego

Let me introduce you to the other side of me…my alter ego. Yeah, I’m quiet, nerdy, humble, shy and drawn back. Now, that’s the part of me people see…the one I show out depending on my environment and who’s present. However, there’s a part of me that is gradually dominating and changing the game for me in recent times. This is a part of me that either never existed or was locked away, but not anymore cause the best person to be in life is your truest version- your best self and here’s where my alter ego comes in.

My alter ego has a name- Ivara- the black diamond. She has an identity traceable to BeyoncĂ©’s and Sasha Fierce. She is beautiful, desirable, sexy, confident, smart, intelligent, adorable, the life of the party, a go-getter, a fighter, independent, principled and a classy young woman who doesn’t take crap from nobody nor settles for less. She knows her worth and will never do what doesn’t make her happy. She’s an easy going, carefree, attention-seeking priceless piece of art.

Yeah, I casually walk around carelessly observing and picking the details from relationships and situations. I quietly take it all in, but cook up a lot more in my closet because next time I show up, I make sure you can call me beautiful, get turned on and simply want to say hi. No, you can’t possess me because you can’t afford me. In my silence, I’m thinking about how to make you wish for more. In my giggle and smile, I simply let you understand how comfortable you can be around me. In my element, all I wanna do is torture and make you beg for more or leave you speechless. I won’t bite, buh I can turn on the heat.

Maybe you’ve met this part of me or even had and encounter at some point. My alter ego is my strength and it is activated when I’m hurt and get to remind myself of who I am; when I feel intimidated by someone or people and need to show up confidently; when I know I’ve hit a jackpot with someone; when I know someone is into me or just when I figure out you need some spice in your life and is ready to get thirsty per second… Don’t worry, I can be nicely mean.

My alter ego has helped me navigate through life, has shaped my thoughts and actions, has molded my identity, given me a voice among the crowd and made eyes turn on the streets. Sometimes, I simply don’t care about what nobody says or does and other times I do. I’ve learned to simply do the things that make me happy, keep me peaceful and puts me in my element. Yeah, my piercings are part of the story, my hair, and tattoos to come are all part of the story. You should focus on your strengths and how to turn your weaknesses to your strengths. What is your story? Who are you? What do you want? What is the personality you wish you had or want to have? The best accomplishment ever is living your best life by being the best version of yourself. You have an alter ego…find it!

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