Friends With Benefits

There’s this craze and crave for open relationships and personally, I have nothing against being or having friends with benefits…or being in a situationship. Yeah, a lotta people don’t just wanna be friends, but need something more. Some don’t wanna get committed and it’s either they continue with having a good time or simply break things up and move on. It’s inevitable that feelings will definitely come up from one or both parties, but communication and understanding will help in deciding if you both wanna continue, take it to the next level or break up.

Sincerely, it feels good being with someone on the same frequency with you and in as much as it just might not be only romantic at the end of the day, the fun is always so damn good when it lasts. There’s no talking love here and even if, not a forever kinda love because remember, we both don’t wanna get committed. The romantic relationship is one that could be scheduled or spontaneous, but it depends on the parties involved.

In situationships, the goal is having fun and not being so serious in the long run. You can be lovers, friends, partners, whatever you wanna call it, but know what you’re into. Some decide to have multiple sexual partners, but others decide to stick to one. Some decide to be personal and others just keep things on the surface, buh whatever works for both of you. Some wanna get to see daily, weekly…others have a schedule and stick to it or break it depending on what works for them.

Yup! I’ve been in a situationship before… don’t ask me with whom or how many times, buh I’ll tell you how it happened, what worked and didn’t. So, stick around yeah… You wanna hear something juicy…init? Buh readers discretion is advised, although I’ll keep it as censored as possible. Here’s a little ride or die…Bonnie and Clyde story…

I met this guy on a social network, we got talking and really spoke about a lot. He wasn’t in a relationship, I wasn’t either, but we both just got out of a relationship and sincerely, committing again wasn’t just it. You know I do 99% handsome guys…the ones with all the drip and all…well, God decided to bless me that way. So, from our chats, we made video calls and one really hot afternoon, I saw his full picture upload and for a few seconds, I was lost in thoughts and felt the tingling of my body. Don’t rush…. I’m here with you.

I immediately sent a fire emoticon and he saw it, but didn’t respond. For two days, he said nothing and I didn’t bulge. I simply went on living my life. So, one of those days, I was out one early morning looking so ruffled with my hair like I just woke up- actually, I did. No make-up on, just a short, a t-shirt and flats. I went to the ATM, withdrew and left. Few seconds later, I felt being trailed. A tinted car and on an almost lonely road…it was 7:00am and people weren’t on the streets. I doubled my pace, my blood heated up and I somehow crossed over. Guess what! The driver found his way in front of me. Yeah, a handsome light-skinned guy came down from the wheels and tried having a conversation. He happened to be a childhood classmate. Nope! Not who you’re expecting… Read on…

We hugged and just then, I got a call from the other guy asking where I was and giving me directives to where he was. Yeah, eventually, it was his family house and no one except him was home plus he had no clothes on except shorts. His skin and body was just irresistible and I wasn’t in a haste…I stayed back and he made breakfast- apologised for not responding cause according to him, he wanted more, buh not love and didn’t know how to talk about it. He spotted me that morning from a distance and that was it. He was breakfast enough and I was starving… Yes, no need waiting… I hate structures so…why the hell not?

From then, we went out more often, had so much fun, buh three months later, he left the country. Yeah, we were in love with each other at some point, but spoke about it and continued our little romantic adventure because sincerely, we both needed it. I was just out of an ON and OFF relationship that lasted for 2 years, buh his was a consistent 4year thingy… We needed the break. We just had a really good time and he was more than caring and nice. He’s married now with a beautiful daughter and hasn’t been in the country since he left. It’s been years now…

Yeah, I cried a lot when he left cause I felt like he got me a lot and helped unleash a part of me I never even knew existed. We talk sometimes, buh not in a long while… It was really good while it lasted and those few months made me realize that sometimes, all you need isn’t a commitment to be in love and feel happy, buh someone on the same frequency with you who wants the same things you do and will be beneficial to you one way or the other besides just being in the romantic affair. He gave me listening ears, a shoulder, helped me boost my confidence and boost my self-esteem that never existed. He was the ONE…the man of the moment, but not the man for forever. Whatever you do, simply know what you want, what you’re getting into, buh let it be with someone on the same frequency as you or someone who’ll boost what you already have.

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