Celebrating Little Wins🥂

Let me take you through my experience in one year.

A year ago, I left my home city, relocated to a strange land and was jobless and broke. A year later, I’ve made new friends, grown a network, gotten job offers and multiple streams of income.

A year ago, I volunteered for an event, but ended up with an internship role with the organization I volunteered for. A year later, my internship expired and I got promoted to a full-time staff by the same organization I volunteered for and interned at.

A year ago, all I had was my B.A. degree certificate with no skills to be proud of. A year later, I’ve gotten more than 10 certificates from online learning platforms with sought after skills I’m proud of.

A year ago, I knew nothing about designs and being a creative. A year later, I make my own designs, consult for brands and creative projects and directing a magazine project.

A year ago, I knew nothing about podcasting, had no account or the experience. A year later, I’ve gotten about 300 podcast listeners from 8 different platforms across the globe and currently a voice over artist.

A year ago, I was writing bits and pieces of what I could think of in my book, was making Facebook posts and knew nothing about blogging. A year later, I own a blog with about 1000 readers, 58 followers and over 100 posts so far.

A year ago, I had about 2000 Facebook friends, 459 followers; 60 followers on Twitter; 162 on LinkedIn and 204 on Instagram. A year later, I have almost 5000 friends on Facebook, about 1700 followers, 400 followers on Twitter, about 1460 followers on LinkedIn, 3 Instagram accounts with over 800 followers on one.

A year ago, I didn’t even know what I wanted to do with my life- even if I was good at a few things. A year later, I have a plan for my life and a projection for the next few years.

A year ago, all I wanted to do was leave my comfort zone, grow, develop personally, turn my weaknesses into strengths, open up to new possibilities and opportunities. A year later, I’m grateful I’ve been hardworking, pushed myself beyond limit and I appreciate everyone who gave me an opportunity to grow and become a better version of myself.

Success starts with the mind, and a willingness to put in the work is what’ll determine how far you’ll go. Sometimes, you need to be your own inspiration, your teacher, your counsellor, your therapist, your supervisor, your everything.

Push yourself and keep stretching into capacity till your weaknesses become your strengths and you lay hold on new opportunities and create some for yourself and others too. You are your own threat and competition. Keep breathing and keep growing…

What happened in your life a year ago? What’s your goal for the next 1year? You can achieve a lot within a year.

Thank you for reading about my little wins…you should celebrate yours too…🥂

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