Ladies, Gather Here!…

Did you know periods are contagious?πŸ€·πŸ½β€β™€οΈ Yes, research verified it! Keep reading and let’s break the ice together.

Here’s the thing…my sister and I live together and yeah, sometimes, my period used to come weeks or days before hers until the last 4 months where hers has had to come before mine and on her last day, mine starts, but this time around, hers came a bit earlier and sincerely, I dreaded the fact that mine was gonna come too, but I knew I still had a week spacing, but this morning, I woke up with the disappointment that my body made contact and my period synchronized with hers. Is that even possible? Yes, I asked Google…my best friend.

Menstrual synchrony is when you come in physical contact with another person who menstruates. This person could be family, your room mate, friend, colleague… Some say it’s the work of affinity or pheromones or coincidence, but whatever it is, it’s surely happened for some and this isn’t good cause I dread going around with hygiene kits/sanitary towels or pads. Let’s dig deeper…

Pheromones are chemicals released by animals that influence the behavior of others of the same species, but there’s no research to support that claim on the same effect for humans. Now, pheromones can influence or shift periods of women who live together. Yesterday, my sister kept her hands on my shoulders…who knows if that’s it cause a feed on Google says it is emitted through the armpit…πŸ€£πŸ˜‚ This means, pheromones impact and change hormonal behaviors. This can influence each other so that eventually, your monthly cycles line up and yes, syncs together. Guess what?

In June, my sister had her period and 2 days after that, I followed suit. A day after mine started, her friend who was together with us joined the queue. Then, my friend who was far away in another city had hers too. Infact, hers made me realize mine was on its way until I noticed my sister’s. This means, we were 4 ladies in the same boat… Reading this, you just might join the ship…πŸ€£πŸ˜‚ For women who experience pheromones, their periods can coincide and diverge again.

There are also certain things that can alter or affect period cycles and I’ve experienced one or two which include:

  • Birth control pills and post sex pills.
  • Extreme stress: this is constant worry or anxiety over life, work or any problems at all and can delay your period or fast track the cycle. Yeah, my sis has been stressed lately and I recall a time mine was even no where to be found in about 4-5months. I knew I wasn’t pregnant cause I’d never even had sex, but my mum thought I was pregnant and even heard I’d probably had an abortion…meanwhile, I was a virgin.
  • Chronic Illness: This is when a person lives with constant health problems and takes certain medications that can make her period irregular.
  • Anorexia/Bulimia: This is a highly restrictive control over caloric intake which could be too low or too high and it goes a long way to alter a person’s menstrual cycle.

So, with all of these, I hope you won’t be scared, worried or even cry anymore or even think there’s something wrong with you. Hey, you’re not pregnant! You’re okay. Your body is just a mystery that science still can’t completely place a hold on. Now, tell me, do you believe periods are contagious or have you ever had a menstrual synchrony?

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