Let’s Talk Sex!

Don’t gimme that look… You love ‘good sex’ too, buh when was the last time you had one? I know some of us have had really great sexual experiences and all, some of us have only wished and some don’t even know what I’m talking about. Don’t worry, I’m not here to talk about sexual details or just what you’re expecting. I’ll only be personal here and judge me or not, your opinion really doesn’t change me or my views so, lemme entertain you with my thoughts.

I’m someone who loves intimacy a lot. I love the whole kissing, fondling, cuddling, foreplay and penetration and yeah, I’d rather call it lovemaking because it’s meant to be a passionate sexperience, buh when the guy is only there to hit all he can, I’ll definitely fake the moans or make none at all and sincerely, when he’s done, I simply make myself orgasm and sleep off because by the time he’s done and dozing, I’m giving me some quality time. Yes, come and fight me buh it is what it is.

A lot of guys feel that sex is a one-way thing and when they’ve cum, it’s over. Nope! No! Never! Sex is a mutual act and well, it just might be easy for some, buh not all. People are different and so are their bodies and needs. Wondering why that lady didn’t ever call you to come back or pick up your calls? You’re fanning yourself you did good with how much she was moaning and how the size of your ‘D’ is irresistible or feels so good inside her she begs for it and all…buh did you ask if she had an orgasm, climaxed or was truly satisfied and not just trying to nurse your ego?

Yeah, I’m very easy to love, buh hard to please and I always expect guys to be ready to learn or be willing to satisfy me no matter what. Now, I’ve never had an orgasm through penetration and that’s because of a lotta things. It’s either there’s no foreplay, he’s not hitting hard enough, he pulls out when he’s satisfied or he pulls out just when I’m a second away from climaxing. Now, some have really been nice and helped me orgasm without penetration and some others decide to make me feel so damn good during lovemaking and that covers up for it, buh if you can’t make me feel so good with you or can’t make me get to orgasm, what then are we getting our clothes off for? If I ever told you I was satisfied…then, I helped you nurse your ego or I just wasn’t in the mood for some complimentary talk or extra boring sex and if I gave compliments and kept coming back, just know you were good enough and did your best, buh not to my satisfaction. C’est claire???

Guy, impress me! Make me beg for it. Gimme a challenge! Touch me! Hold me! Eat me up! Drill me! Hit me hard! Watch and feel me tremble when you’ve hit the jackpot and I’ll personally buy and pour you a glass of champagne. So, will sex be a criteria for my relationship, typa guy or my reason for saying ‘I do!’? Hell to the yes! And yes again! I’ll definitely communicate my wants, needs, desires, fantasies to him and I hope he works on it or else… Make me feel loved, wanted, desired, satisfied and all and trust me, I’ll go all the way to please you, make you come back for more and give you a crown. Plus, did I forget to add?… You’ve gotta come to me clean. So, did that hit a nerve? Was that too much to talk about or take in? They say you can’t have all in one, buh am I supposed to starve or subdue my sexuality? Well, do what works for you… I’m doing mine.

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