Yes, I Have Abandoned You!

Don’t even ‘famz’ me when I’m doing well… there’s no need plus I didn’t send you. You know there are different categories of people in our contact list especially those close people we have as social media followers too. Let me move this to the next line…

So, do you have people who see your picture or post uploads about your progress or how good you’re looking and they start flooding you with messages and trying to famz you? Infact, they come up with this ridiculous and so annoyingly bizzare line of ‘You have abandoned me…’ Guy, yes you! I have abandoned you. So what? Never again can anyone guilt-trip me into thinking I haven’t reached out to them and they feel entitled to my doing so or feel I’m supposed to carry them along. Guy, I dey for who dey for me. Next line…

Then, there’s this other category of people who will just pop up from no where and be saying ‘Show me the way’ when they see your status and possibly some good food pictures, nice location, peng-looking make-up and you know how it is. Which way are you supposed to show them biko? Is it the way you’re hustling without them even patronising you or asking how you’re doing or which way please? Wo!…these people need to be casted away from your life.

Have you seen that ‘You have abandoned me…’ line? I hate it with so much passion. Never ever use it on me especially if we don’t communicate regularly or you haven’t tried to help my hustle or you see my posts and decide to famz me. The right thing to do is compliment the picture, ask how I’m doing and how I’ve been and we can have a conversation. Don’t also capitalize on the fact that you’re my friend or family member who doesn’t even know nada about me to guilt-trip me into being nice. I am not nice to people who only care about me once in a while and will not be nice if you use that line on me. So, stopeet! Yes, I’m angry and all I need now is Pizza or a hot bowl of fresh fish peppersoup. If you can’t give me that, then, be going. I have abandoned you!

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2 thoughts on “Yes, I Have Abandoned You!

  1. Loll, seasonal carers. but let’s admit we are that too to people who expect from us, be it as it may, ppl have learnt to stay in their lanes because ppl take ppl for granted a lot and are not appreciative. Again, keep your circle small that way you won’t have to worry about who you are not caring for , periiooddtt!

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