Pour Into Yourself

Have you ever given people the opportunity to hurt you, take advantage of you or disrespect you or your intelligence? STOP IT!!! Don’t do that again!

We give people too much credit and they disappoint us. We show them the way around our lives and even give them a room in it, but they disrespect us still and hurt us without remorse.We allow toxicity to live and breed in us so much that we end up becoming toxic even to ourselves and those around us. We provide the platform for people to leverage on and they put us in boxes they use as toys. STOP IT!!!

You deserve to be loved, valued, respected, appreciated… You deserve the best things in life and if people do not do what you expect them to, then, do it for yourself. Stop letting people fill up your cup with fuel, dirt and rubbish.

Be mindful of what you take in and let live. Pour all the goodness you want into yourself and don’t give room for others to stain your insides. Stop coloring the world and the people in it with your goodness. It’s time to pour into yourself and protect you!!! Don’t be sorry for doing so.

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2 thoughts on “Pour Into Yourself

  1. Pouring into me has always been a very conscious thing ,but sometimes I must admit I get careless. Either ways, I have made and learnt from my mistakes that’s why I don’t blink an eye when I know I need to get rid of someone I just do it however hurtful it might get because it’s for a greater good afterall, what doesn’t kill me will only make me STRONGER!

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