Wrap-Up August

Oops!!! Can I please go back to the last days in August?… Long Post Alert coming up!!!!!

I’m more than excited because August has been my best month even till the last minute and I thank God for life first of all because maybe I would’ve died that month because I had a major breakdown in the first week of August that landed me in the hospital. Yeah, for the first time in my life, I took my two left legs at age 24 to the hospital, bought a card, ran tests, had consultations and follow up medical procedures. I thank God because I just dunno how the story would’ve ended if I didn’t act fast with my last energy.

So, I was advised to stay off work for a week even when my stubborn self kept thinking about the inconvenience that could cause them over there, but I had daily injections and tabs especially sleep inducing meds to take. My BP was high, I had malaria and typhoid, I had insomnia and my mental health was madly on the decline. This period, I really realized a lot of things, my perspective towards people and things changed, I learned to reprioritize and above all, live a minute at a time.

What was eating me up? Work, bills, my contract expiration in a few weeks, if I’d have a job after this one or not especially with the future of work taking a U-turn and some skills being more of an advantage and all…I thought about a lot. I had too much bad news from people, friends, family and it wasn’t just okay…I took it all in and tried to walk with it, but my energy failed me.

Apparently, I had to recover for myself, my friends, family and for my job- as long as I still had a contract. I wanted to finish strong and I wanna say that I’m happy I did. I totally stopped working out because I was too weak to do my usual stuffs at home and work. I just wanted the bed badly. This month, I realized those who mattered most and those who didn’t. I had a plan for my life, my career and all, I clung unto God like I needed Him inorder to inhale and exhale. However, I’m grateful because God constantly showed up for me in friends and family plus strangers too. God had good plans for me I knew nothing about.

The highlights for me in August… It started out with NgDarl’s birthday where I had to do this name definition thingy for her and she totally loved it and sang my praises even till the 30th of August. Then, I was ill and in the hospital. Next, I made plans and set up proposals for the business I wanted to start once I got home. I did a cyber security course, storytelling for impact with Philanthropy University and about 6 extra courses on LinkedIn Learning because I study to show myself approved.

From job hunting and being so madly damn worried, I got job offers. Two from LinkedIn- a PR job in Abuja and a co-founder/programs manager role with a media company in Abuja and Lagos. Remember I told you how my organization doesn’t retain interns? My HR called me on Thursday last week to inform me of a full time job offer they have for me- apparently, they’re creating a new unit and they want me to be the one in it… ain’t that some badass goodnews? Then, I got another offer as a Programs manager for a young people foundation… Like, from being jobless and hunting, I got 4 different offers I didn’t apply for…check that out. Value recognizes value.

I continued the food cooking business I left off and God brought this amazing client my way, completed my monthly magazine production and I got consultation calls for a creative writing/magazine project… ain’t God just faithful. I made pancakes I haven’t had in mmooonnntthhss… Sadé came back to town with her cute daughter- Gwen, I reconnected with my long lost friend- Jide who motivated the hell outta me. Celebrated my cute niece’s birthday with my sister whose peng-looking makeup is on fleek. Did a voice over job that Peculiar recommended me for and got some cool cash, paid up by bills and made a logo design for a food business I’m starting up with my friends back home… That design is an award winner… Reconnected with my runaway mentor- Malachy and my friend- Vicky…

Trust me, August has been packed with the worst and best news, but the best came at the end because I had some revealing times in the last minute…Seun, you’ve done well and thank you for that convo.

So, my appreciation goes to J. Boro – who was my pillar and one person I poured my entire heart to, buh never judged at all. He was simply ready to listen, help me cry and laugh at the end. We’ll still see hunie… that’s what I’ve said since we last saw in 2013… Next is to Peculiar- my darling, heartbeat, soulmate, boyfriend who has been on a personal development journey these two months and I’m madly happy for her journey and success stories which she shares whenever she has time…we have a lot of catching up to do and to think we haven’t seen in a year. I miss you hunie.

Next off is to Geraldine- the love of my life, my woman, business partner and my sister owo ekong!- for constantly loving me back to back, for sharing stuffs with me and making me the chairlady of her life. I’m so happy for your resilience hunie because sincerely, this brand influencer gig is da realest of all da bombs, plus thank you for bringing me onboard the food business with those amazing ladies especially Idara- whom I admired from a distance.

Thank you to my new found friend, turned client – Emmanuel. For picking me up that day I returned from the hospital. Thank you for insisting because I really didn’t know if I had the energy to pick a bike home. Your car was so comfy, you were so homely and introducing me to Roxie- the cutie with white furs is something I’m more than grateful for… I owe you one…you just don’t know what it is yet. I’m happy I met you at a time like this… God over bless you for me most especially.

Mummy G.O- Sadé herself… Thank you for loving me, for being my sister’s friend turned my friend. For making me a part of your wedding planning journey and trust me, I’m snatching this waist to look my best on your big day. Thank you for introducing me to Gwen because I missed having a baby around me eh. Plus, for being a major source of inspiration for me… My prayer partner, confidant, mother, sister, partner in crime and all…for looking past how many years you’re older than I am to being my bestie…my sister wee kee me sha. I’ll miss you in Abuja when you leave, but I’ve had the best days with you.

Did I ever tell you about my Oremi? Don’t worry, her gist is coming soon… Be calm. She’s just too amazing and really helped me through the first phase of my crises. I’m happy you got a job and will be in a better place soon. Keep pushing hunie..

Thank you to my friends, family- especially my mum, dad and siblings for looking out for me eh… Then, thank you to my supervisor, senior colleagues at work, the HR, National Director for believing in me and having so much faith in me even when I don’t see what they see. I’m so grateful I don’t even know how not to be. For my mother’s prayers, for ufaneka who has been my constant emotional intelligence lab rat…chai! She wee kee me if she sees this one. To everyone who just believes in me and have been major supporters, thank you. To my followers and readers, thank you.

Meanwhile, Chicken Republic, Domino’s Pizza and Cold stone Creamery has opened up in Uyo, where home is and I can’t wait to do the tours to the many new places there in December. This Christmas is gon’ be lit! I smell it already… Plus, BB Naija is still on and I’m not even following it up. Then, there’s TMC Series which I’m following up and is giving me joy. Please, this post has been too long and I’m glad you read through…thank you for your patience, but welcome to September and don’t forget to plan, write the vision and run with it. You’ll have testimonies too… I love you!

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2 thoughts on “Wrap-Up August

  1. My baby in whom I’m well pleased…love you for always pushing through all the hurdles and coming out strong. I’ve learnt so much from you these few months and being around you is amazing. Keep spreading good vibes. You have a very bright future.

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