Living To Survive

Yes, this might sound somehow to those who have never been broken, abused or traumatized ever, but survival is a skill that some of us have had to learn, cultivate, grow and live with. Infact, we’ve had to live daily by surviving every thought, action, fears, doubts, tears and all we’ve experienced and gone through. From emotional abuse, emotional breakdown, domestic violence, molestation, rape, abandonment, rejection, toxic living and all, survival has been the way out. How?

While people sit in parks, lounges, restaurants, cinemas and all for fun, some of us have had to be in these places as a means to surviving the cruel, wicked, toxic, abusive, depressing times we’ve had and  places we’ve come from. While some smoke, eat, drink, exercise, meditate, write, dance, cook, play or do one thing or the other for fun, some of us have had to do these very same things as a means of escape from our thoughts, worries and life as a whole.

For us, we’ve learned to be prepared for the unknown and built walls and escape routes incase things don’t go according to plan. We simply prepare to protect ourselves- making it hard to accept, trust, love and live. We interpret and give meanings to a raised eye brow, a frown, a change in tone, a sigh, actions and inactions. Everything is a sign as anything can be a trigger, notifying us to either come closer or stay away.

Living this way isn’t something that just happened in a day. It took weeks, months, years of events, thought processing, actions and just a lot to make us who we are and while you try to make us accept, trust, love and live; kindly understand that Rome wasn’t built in a day and our survival skill took a lot of storm weathering to get us to this point. Try to understand us, cut us some slack and help us learn how accept, trust, love and live without living to survive. Remember, the minute we get rejected again, it’s difficult to accept, trust, love and try to live the way you and every other person lives. Help people help themselves- it’s not easy living this way.

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