Dear Future, I’m Ready…

As y’all know, -if you’ve been following up my blog posts- I’ve been on a self- discovery, personal development and career realization journey for a year now. I’ve taken up jobs, connected with people, jumped with excitement while feeling like I’ve found the missing piece of the puzzle and battled with tears, confusion, worries and sad days when I realized that the puzzle just didn’t fit.

I’ve had sleepless nights for years, months, weeks on what my future would be like and even when people say ‘Relax, you only live once and live in the moment…’ and God says ‘Before I formed you, I knew your name, I knew your end from the beginning, I am the author and finisher, the plans and thoughts I have for you are good and not evil, I am Jehovah Jireh -your provider- and need you to trust in me and have no thoughts for tomorrow as it will take care of itself…’ I tell myself ‘Gloria, are you sure? You know you need signs and possibly a layout of what the future holds…’ and now, I’ll tell you a little story.

Yeah, since I was a child, I always made notes of things I liked, was passionate about and would love to do. I keep my books very close to me and never fail to write down my ideas, plans and how. In 2017, I attended a Young and Useful Easter camp – where I got to pray, learn and start taking tiny steps to creating pictures of what I wanted the future to look like. I bought jotters, labeled them accordingly and started working towards my future by writing down every single thought, idea, plan, problem and solution from my head, heart and mind to the book cause I learned to ‘Write the vision and make it plain; that he may run that readeth it.’ Yes, I have been writing it all down in no particular order. I started acting too by connecting with people who had similar goals, got jobs that gave me opportunities to learn what my core values where and what I didn’t need, changed lanes, switched careers and even relocated for same reasons to discover self, purpose and act on the discoveries.

Last year, I made a vision board for myself- a mini- digital vision board of the future. This week, I’ve decided to lay it all down, make plans and run with the vision. I thank God for God, for the Holy Spirit, for sleepless nights, for ideas, for family, for friends, for networks and all because altogether, these living people and things have given me a reason to declare: ‘Dear Future, I’m Ready!’ It’s time to make magic happen and yes, I’ve found the missing piece of the puzzle, fixed it and now, it’s time to show it off to the world. So, thank you for your prayers, support, love, encouragement and even reading my stories.

Here are a few messages to myself:
Dear Gloria, I love you! Thank you for choosing life and showing up despite the many times you never wanted to show up, hide away, run away or wish the negative. I am proud of you and all you’ve done. I appreciate your efforts, decisions, actions and all the ways you’ve chosen to live without a manual. You’ve handled your life – which is a massive project in the ways you could and learned, unlearned, relearned lots. I believe in all you have to offer because I know you can do it, you can achieve your dreams, you will make a difference and you will make magic happen.

I’m sorry for all the times I pushed you beyond limits and out of your comfort zone. I also apologise for lashing out on you in really bad ways and demeaning tones, but I don’t regret that I did. I want you to know that it’s going to be okay and everything will fall in place. Just know that you’re doing well and don’t you ever doubt your confidence, skills, gifts, potentials, dreams and all. Keep up the good work, thank you for being you and thank you for being your own inspiration when others couldn’t.

Dear Future, I’m Ready!

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